Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hi! Kevin and I went to Lexington with The Sproul Family for Christmas! I will post more pictures later. The picture to the right is from Kevin's company's Christmas Party! I thought it is a really good picture of us. We won a breadmaker (YUM) and we were able to stay at the Marriot downtown which was fun. This year Kevin played Santa in our Ward Christmas Party and he had a REALLY fun time with that.

Christmas with the Sprouls was SO fun! I really felt like a Sproul too! Which I am of coarse! But it was really fun experiencing a whole new Christmas this year with new family. On Christmas Eve they do a whole program with words and songs of the nativity and it was SO special! I'm taking that one to San Diego with me next time I have Christmas down there. I loved it! Another cool thing that I love about Sproul Christmas is actually what I learned a few weeks before while helping my mom in law decorate the Christmas tree. Almost every ornament has a special memory or meaning to it. LOVE THAT! It was so special. I mean that literal too, not the way Kevin always means that word. It is really special and touches my heart and all!

To all of our friends and family, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone's was wonderful!!


The Sprouls