Tuesday, July 20, 2010

27 Weeks

The picture to the left is a picture Kevin took of me end of last week at 26 weeks 3 days.  Today I had my 27 week doctors appointment.  It went really well.  The hard part was that I had to not eat anything 12 hours at least before I got there and couldn't eat until after I left because they did the glucose test thing where I drink a drink and an hour later they take blood to see how the glucose or whatever is absorbing in my body.  It is basically to see if I have the gestational diabetes.  They test everyone, and my doctor doubts I have it or I would have shown more signs of it.  If there is a problem I will get the results this week, but if nothing is wrong we are just going to go over the results at my next visit in 4 weeks.  My last 4 week period before an appointment.  After next appointment we are going to every two weeks and then every week as it gets closer.  Funny thing about my appointment is that when he was getting her heartbeat she also had the hiccups so we heard how that sounded.  All I remember though is that is sounded odd.  It was funny because I felt it and I saw the top of my belly bounce as her was getting her heartbeat.  Everything still looking good and so far Kaylee and I are still healthy and enjoying this pregnancy.

Oh note about that picture above, I really feel a lot bigger than that and also note that although it is for the most part a good picture, Kevin didn't tell me that my shirt was flipped up in the back which I think makes my belly look smaller.  Seriously, I look down and see a bigger belly.  She is getting heavier I can feel it.

My wonderful parents bought us a wonderful crib.  Here is a photo!

I love it!  The crib mattress also has soothing vibrations to help baby sleep!  LOVE IT!  Kevin and I can't wait to meet this girl!  3 more months!