Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting in Shape

About a month ago or so Kevin and I invested in buying Wii Fit.  We already had a Wii and Kevin knew I really wanted to get a Wii fit mainly for after the pregnancy.  I have been so proud of Kevin because in the last month he has worked out almost every day and has been eating better.  He weighed himself at my doctors office and he has lost about 10 lbs.  Good Job Kevin!  I do the things that is safe for me to do like step workouts, balance games, things that don't make me bounce a lot.  I also don't do it as long since it isn't a Wii Fit made for pregnancy (they should have those!).  I switch off between that and my pregnancy yoga dvd.  One of the things we enjoy about the wii fit is that we can get competitive by beating each others scores and it makes even beating your own score exciting.  It records your weight, exept since we have carpet I think that it is a little off.  And by a little I mean 20 lbs off.  So we keep that in mind when it does weigh us. And is definitely a humerus, but not so exciting part of it.  No one REALLY likes to see how much they weigh...except me when I am pregnant!  :-)
Anyway, we are really pleased with this investment and I think that it will help us be healthier.  Becoming parents soon, we really want to be examples to our children of being healthy so that our kids will strive to be healthy.

Love you all!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

31 Weeks and Loving it!

Today we  went to another doctors appointment!  Everything went good.  I gained 6 pounds this month so that puts me at a total of 12 lbs.  which she said is good.  Go me!  She measured my belly and she said that I am measuring 2 inches large (I think she is talking about my uterus?) and so she is having me get an ultrasound next appointment to evaluate the size of Kaylee.  Which basically means that there is still a possibility that my due date could change.  I mean my first due date was October 6th, so I wouldn't be very surprised.  Kevin and I think it would be super cool if she was born on 10-10-10  but we will see.  Only time will tell.  Overall though, the appointment went good.  She had a good heartbeat.  She was a little shy about it.  She kept moving away from the Doppler, but we heard her heartbeat and it was strong.


Last week, Kevin and I went to see our new niece in the hospital!  Her name is Copper Calloway Sproul (Sorry if I spelled that wrong Denisha and Rodney!!).  She is REALLY cute just like her sisters!  I'm excited because we are going to have cousins close in age.  She was born on 8-9-10, 8 pounds 5 ounces.  Congrats Rodney and Denisha!  We are so excited to have Copper in our family!

This Saturday, Kevin and I are going to do the Marathon Class at the hospital which is all the hospital birth classes in one day.  We are excited to see the hospital and be better informed, but it is an all day class so Kevin especially is not excited to sit through it.  He might like it more than he thinks.  I am really excited that we are going to Denny's for lunch.  :-)  Can't wait for our next appointment  September 7th.  My friend Mike's Birthday!