Friday, April 19, 2013

Life. is. Good.

Still working on a few more posts.  Need to add pictures and stuff.  But I thought I'd write a general this is how we are doing post.

Kaylee at Mast Park
Mom and Malcolm at Mast Park
Kevin is doing great.  I am so proud of him.  Right now he is working at his new job in downtown San Diego!!  He has been there for a few months now.  He loves it and we hope that they officially hire him on as an employee instead of a contractor (temp) soon.  Our insurance sucks but it is insurance which I am grateful to have!  Not having insurance is horible.  He taught a class at my cousin's music school last session and he did SUCH a good job.  It is an advanced vocal class.  He has some really tallented people in it.  He will be teaching next session too.  He also helps out with the choir there where I help on piano.  He misses his family (as do I) but he loves it here.

Kaylee and Malcolm are hilarious.  Sometimes annoyingly so.  Malcolm loves the word "Up" so much that he says it randomly and a lot of the time. So we get comversations like this.

(In the morning when they wake up Malcolm still in his crib)

Malcolm: Up

Kaylee: Don't say up! (Oh yea did I mention that she gets jealous of Malcolm saying up?  Yea that is why it is all hilarious)

Malcolm: Up Up Up

Kaylee: Malcolm!  You DON'T say Up to my bed!  You don't get my bed this is my bed!

Malcolm: Up!

HAHA or while sitting at the table eating lunch or dinner or breakfast or anytime they are sitting at the table-

Malcolm: Up!

Kaylee: Malcolm!  You DON'T say up to my food!  Don't get my food!  This is MY food!

So we are trying to get her to say "Down"  when Malcolm says "Up"  so it is more like a game.  It is also a ton better but it is slightly hilarious.  I have to get after he though and hide my smile as yelling at your brother for something he can't do and isn't doing is totally inappropriate.  Another similar thing she does is this:

Malcolm : Ba Bla Ba Bla

Kaylee: You don't say Ba Bla Ba Bla to my food!

Like what?!  Where is she getting this? 

It's funny.  Something to remember and bring up in the teenage years to embarrass her. 

I'm doing good.  I love teaching piano to my students at Staump Music school.  Just being a part of that place makes me happy.  I also love being a mom and doing fun things in this beautiful city with wonderful weather most of the time.  My parents got us Sea World passes for Kevin's birthday which is SO cool.  I have got at least once a week ever since we got the passes.  We also used the passes to get a huge discount on a season pass to aquatica the Sea World water park that opens this summer.  It used to be Knott's Soak city so we are excited to use those and go VERY often.  There are fun parks that I have discovered and re discovered.  I love going to the many malls here to walk and shop.  Life. is. Good. :-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meeting Great Grandma Burroughs

In February (see I told you I'm behind!) we had the oportunity to go visit Kevin's grandma and introduce Malcolm to Great Grandma Burroughs.  It was SO fun and she is seriously one of the best ladies ever!  Both of the kids loved her. I think it is safe to say she loved our kids too.  We want to go back really soon.  She only lives about 3 hours away from us.  It is definately one of the reasons we moved out west.  It was cool because Kevin's Uncle Jim was there as wel so we got to get to know him better too.  Now, I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
 Grandma feeding Malcolm Cheerios!

 Grandma taught us this yummy trick while we are there.  You stick a candy cane (blueberry in this case) into a lemon and suck the lemon juice through the candy cane.  YUMMY!!!

 Uncle Jim!!