Friday, July 31, 2015

May 2015- Part 2

 Last bit of May was exciting! Memorial day weekend we went camping in paso picacho campground.  Right across from Stone Wall Peak.  SO much fun!!!
 Malcolm of course rested up for the occation.
 We had a fire going every waking moment because it was so darn cold!!!  Who knew the weather would be this cold in MAY!  Good thing we brought plenty of wood and that we sent to boys home to get us more warm things like blankets, jackets, gloves, anything.

 Hiking was our favorite way of warming up.  It was perfect for hiking.  This was a smaller hike we did the first full day we were there.  The next day we hiked Stone Wall peak.  Just Kaylee, my mom, Claudia, Julio and me.  We made it to the top.  Kaylee was on Julios shoulders a lot and at one point she fell asleep.  SO funny!!
 Malcolm wore his helmet (scootering) so much that he had cat ears when he took it off. HAHA  I was laughing SO hard!!
 We also celebrated Malcolm's birthday with Claudia and Julio since they were out of town during his party.
 Campfire.  :)
 More swim lessons.  

 Ok this was fun.  Kaylee had an event for her preschool called "May Festival" and it was so fun.  This is some of the art she has made in preschool.
 They even had crafts for them to do at the festival.  Look at this cute face!!
 They said invite the fam so I got Aunt Claudia to join us!

 Kaylee and one of her friends Veronica posing by their art.
 They are SO cute!!
 They also performed to us, you've got a friend in me.
 Kaylee with Ms. Katy
 I love this picture!!  She did SO good.  Her class was the best by far.  They ALL did the dance moves and no one wandered off stage.

 Our friend Laurie joined us too.
 I could die of cute overload.  My heart beams when I see my kids performing.
 I love this picture of Aunt Claudia and her too cool for school nephew.

 The two Kaylees love each other and were excited to see each other as Kaylee F came through the door.

 Aren't they the cutest?!

 Most of the class pre-show
 Kaylee playing with her friend veronica look at the joy in faces!!

May 2015-Part 1

 I'm splitting May in two because it was such a busy month!  So above is the eggs Benedict Kevin got me from EL Cajon Bistro as an early mothers day breakfast.  It was delicious.
 Kaylee's friend Taylor came top visit after preschool. All the preschool kids that knew Taylor was SO excited!!
 Taylor always comes with goodies for her friends because she is so thoughtful.  She even drew pictures for them.
 Malcolm turned 3!  He is such a blessing in our lives and I can't believe he is so big already!!
 For his birthday we took him to Urban Jungle.  They had SO much fun!!

 Kaylee was big enough to climb the rock wall.
 That is as far as she got hahaha
 Then we took him out to dinner at Hometown Buffet where he could load up on mac and cheese.  Also it was family night so a magician came around and did some tricks.
 He watned a Big Hero 6 party so here I went making a bunch of stuff.  The movie was too new to have any party supplies of it's own.  He loves Baymax.

 Kevin made the cake
 Then we had Miss Amber perform.  She is one of Maria's students and she writes and performs kids songs.  She just made a CD which we love.  She is a preschool teacher too so she was great with the kids.

 Cake time!

 I was really proud of this which was over the food.
 The grandparents got the boucy house!!!  Malcolm love superheros.  Especially Batman.
 Then it was Mothers Day.  Look at my cute mom and mom in law!!!
 Malcolm had his 3 year doctors visit.
 He is my small guy.  Sadly for him he is an inch shy of being able to go on the bouncy at Sea World.  Kaylee has been doing that since 2.5 years old.  He want SO badly to go!!
 Kaylee calls her chapstick "lipstick" and thought we needed some this day.

 Swim class!!  This was SO much fun!!  Mal and Kaylee both got to go in by themselves for the first time.  They learned a ton and I enjoyed being able to watch them.  Kaylee is super good at swimming now.
 As you can see they had lots of fun.  Look at those smiles!

 They were playing some sort of "Wake up" game.  I'm still fuzzy on the details of that game.
Finally to wrap of part 1.  Malcolm loves to give me my "privacy" while I'm in the bathroom.  He even brought a book.  Then he started singing "Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!" sometimes replacing the word batman with other words including "Stinky cheese man"