Friday, February 26, 2010

Good News!!

So about 2 weeks ago Kevin and I found out that we were pregnant again! Yay! I am 6 weeks 4 days as of today, and I am due October 18th according to the ultrasound I got on Wednesday. I want to post that when I figure out how. (It is in PDF format at the time I may just take a picture of it. Anyhow, we are so excited and we are praying hard that we have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby at the end. :-) Kevin and I can't help but feel extremely blessed even this early in the pregnancy. It was so nice to see our little bean and hear and see the heartbeat. We are already in love and so attached to this little baby that is only as big as a blueberry.

I have been feeling ok, as in I haven't thrown up yet, but I definately don't feel great. I have many food aversions, which sometimes include everything in the house including water. Sprite has really been a saving grace for me, but I try to get some things down so I get proper nutrients and vitamins that I need. I obviously take my prenatals, but I feel like I lack protein since the two meats we usually eat, ground turkey and chicken, I am not wanting to eat at the moment. somtimes I can't even be in the kitchen. I am also really moody. Poor Kevin. He has to put up with me! But I love him, he has been so great at putting up with me and making me comfortable. How luck am I! I feel very lucky. But still praying that all goes well!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mac and CHEESE!

So Kevin and I made the BEST Mac and Cheese I've ever tasted. Really, it was a recipe that my mom has been making all my life and we just added stuff and baked it. My mom makes this AMAZING homemade cheese sauce which she taught me how to make when she was here in November. So I mixed the cheese sauce in and then we added bacon pieces (I just used the pre-cooked bacon or "sandwich" bacon) and then topped with extra Cheddar cheese and then BAKED ALL THE GOODNESS TOGETHER and this is what we got!

Mac and Cheese Awesome

It was SO delicious! Oh and I used Rotini noodles instead of the macaroni noodles. They are my fav because they capture some sauce in the twirlies! Anyway, VERY TASTY!