Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 month old Kaylee Girl

So on Sunday, our little Kaylee girl turned 6 months old!  I can't believe half a year has gone by already. It sure has been a blessing to have her in our life and we look forward to many more years.  Here are a few pictures of our cute girl.

 Kaylee has been teething for quite some time now.  Still no teeth.  But I think that it is going to happen VERY soon.  I'm excited and terrified (I'm breast feeding).  She will look really cute with little teeth.  She is chewing on EVERYTHING.  I do feel bad for her when I can tell she is hurting though.  Also you can see that she is mastering the art of sitting up.  I still have to be close by, but she is getting a lot better.
 She is a master at rolling everywhere.  If she sees it on the floor she knows that with enough patience, she will figure of the angle necissary to roll to it.  She al can scoot herself in a circle.  She can do an inch worm crawl but doens't do it often.  I figure it will be like the rolling thing.  She will do it occasionally and then one day she realizes that she can use it to her advantage. 
 Our little girl now is 25.5 inches long, 16 lbs 5oz, both in the 50 percentile.  Then her head is 43.5 centimeters still in the 75%.  Wow!
 Kaylee can also straiten her arms and hold it for quite a while.  She can also hold the crawling position for a while and then plops.  For now she prefers her inch worm crawl.  Love this kid!
I love when she does this.  Smile with a paci in.  She is such a blessing in our life and I feel so blessed to be her mommy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hangin' out

I haven't posted something in a long time.  Well it feels like a long time.  Last weekend was General Confrence so we got to hang out together and try to pay attention while our cute daughter played (and "talked" and screamed a bit) on the floor.  We watched Saturday morning session with our friend Mary Beth Russel who was very nice and brought pizza, breadsticks and dip.  I made homemade bread but it hardly seems a fair trade.  The food was delicous.  Here is a little video of Kaylee playing.  She has been inch worm crawling lately.  Just the beginnings of actual crawling and you can see her try in this video.  She actually doesn't do it here.  But if you ever do catch her do it, it is amazing.  It will be crazy to see her actually bust out a ton of crawling someday. Please excuse random napkin on the floor...

We sure love our Kaylee girl!!