Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis

Ok, I know that most people know but I wanted to document this years crazy ride.  I write this blog mostly for my grandma, also for my own record keeping (It's fun!), and for all those wonderful people who check it every now and then.  So I hope you don't mind me rambling about this.

This actually started about a year ago.  I would have a numb leg for like a week and it would go away.  Months would pass and it would happen again.  Then this past summer I started feeling patchy numbness on my left leg starting at the foot, a little on the thigh.  Then it was the whole leg.  Then in was all the way to my bra line wrapping around my waist with pressure "hugging" me around my waist.  I finally go to the doctor.  They order 2 MRIs.  At this point there were 2 options.  MS or sciatica.  The MRIs came back that I had multiple lesions in my brain and spine.  A thrid MRI was ordered (of the rest of my spine) and it also showed lesions.  One of the lesions in my brain was also showing as "active."  My doctor ordered IV steroids for my symptoms. This is where I am going to share with you some pictures.  This happened so fast that I had to take the kids with me most days.

 I brought ipads and books.  Kaylee especially was so sweet during the whole process.  Holding my hand while my blood pressure was taken.  Then patting my arm as she watched them put the IV in without flinching one bit. (Future medical professional?)
 I got a lot of compliments on their behavior.  I was in the same room as people getting their chemo treatments so I also got a lot of "Oh I bet they are used to this aren't they?"  I didn't want to explain that I wasn't THAT sick, so I nodded my head politely.

This was supposed to be a 5 day treatment.  It ended up being a 4 day treatment.
Kaylee even read to me while I was getting the infusion.  I tried to teach her how to do the Magic Eye books.  I don't know if she saw anything but she still thought it was cool.
It was nice when we had our own room.

This is the IV in the middle of my arm.  They always have a hard time putting IVs in me and drawing blood.  They lady who put this one they called the "Vein whisperer"  this stayed in my arm 2 days and 2 nights.
 This is how I would wear it when I went home.  Luckily people didn't ask.

 Ok so I didn't get my last treatment because I got picked up by the ambulance and went to the ER with what I later learned was an anxiety attack and the worst migraine ever all from the steroids.  I left on morphine and no appetite at all.  I was out of service for days after.  Another blessing, knowing that I was in the ER two of my primary presidency buddies (I'm the pianist in primary) came and brought me dinner.  I was SO grateful!  My mom and dad let me stay at their house for a few days.
My arm after the week ended.  The ER IV bled A LOT.  I was surprised.  Anyway.  as I mentioned in the October 2015 part 2 post was that I then had a lumbar puncture.  What a week.  I got the lumbar puncture on Monday.  I had to lay down flat the rest of the day and drink water.  I drank so much water I had to pee a lot.  I think I got up too much because although the first day was ok.  I was laying down the rest of the week because I got mile spinal headaches everytime I over did it or was sitting up to long.  The Wednesday after the LP I got a voicemail from my doctor telling my the I had elevated white cell count and they found lymphites.  She said these are commonly found in cancer such as lymphoma.  They didn't have all the tests in yet but she wanted me to call the next day and she said that she ordered a CT to make sure there wasn't any cancer "elsewhere."  I started crying immediately and I tried calling Kevin.  It was a weird night.  I didn't want to freak the kids out so I skyped with Kevin and the kids and tried to look like nothing was going on.  I told him I'd call later with the results that I had received.  I put the kids to bed and called Kevin.  I was crying and he was crying and he immediately left from his business trip to be with me.  He even took a personal day the next day to help me (I was still feeling like poo) and be there to await the call. After I called Kevin I called my mom and she called my dad.  They came over immediately and my dad gave me a blessing.  They stayed and kept me company until Kevin got there.  The next day I called right when it opened.  Then I waited for a call back and then at around 4:30 I got a call.  She had gotten the rest of the results in and she met with 3 other neurologists, one being an MS expert about my case.  With all the information including family history, it was clear the I did NOT have cancer but Multiple Sclerosis.  I would be starting on the same injection that my mom is on.on. Glatopa which is the generic of Copaxone.  I have been doing that for about a month now.  
I am SO thankful for all the love and support I have gotten through this whole experience.  So many people helped with kids, and food, and love.  My parents have spent money on this journey and let me stay at their house many nights.  My in laws have shown so much love and support and were willing to drop everything and come if needed.  I feel so loved and I feel so thankful.  Not only for my friends and family, but I am thankful that despite this diagnosis I can still walk, I can still see, I can still drive, I can still take care of my children.  These are blessings that a lot of people with MS don't have. So to answer the question "How are you feeling?"  I feel thankful.

Monday, December 7, 2015

October 2015 PART TWO

 This post is literally the last week of October.  I got a lumbar puncture done (Monday the 26th)  and my wonderful sister and her hubby watched my kids including picking up and dropping of Kaylee to school.  It was awesome.  I had to stay laying down flat on my back and drink tons of water.  Which conflicted because it made me have to pee a ton.
 Malcolm cuddling with me while I rest.
 My sister gave me a whole bag of pure banana runts.  It made my week and made a hard week better.
 Me laying on my back. The first day I felt fine.
 Kaylee was coloring and asked me "Mom what is in your heart?" I said you and Malcolm because I love you so much.
 Friday I went on a field trip with Kaylee.  It was SO fun spending the day with her.  I felt like I had twins because her friend Natalie was so excited I was there too.  I love them both.
 Kaylee is the one in the middle, standing up coloring.
 Kaylee and her school best friend Natalie.
 Class picture with Meastra Rocha and the principal Mr. Brown.

Sledding down cotton

 So this almost captures her very real fear of bees.  I usually try to help her face her fears but this was so intense I had to remove her from the lunch area so she could eat in some form of peace.  Funny story though.  The girl across from us was eating her lunch and a bee literally landed on her juice straw and started drinking her juice from the straw.  Real story.
My little cow

Petting goats
Another class picture attempt
Kaylee either saw a bee or was thinking about a bee.  This is serious guys!

It was REALLY fin seeing her in class.
Ward Halloween party.  We did an Inside Out theme which is a new movie that came out on DVD after Halloween so a lot of people needed an explanation.  Kaylee is Disgust, Malcolm is anger...

Kevin is sadness
I am Joy

Halloween Night in Rancho Penesquitos

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

October 2015 PART ONE

 Uploading pictures I realized I better split up October.  It was a busy month.  But mostly good.  Above is Malcolm coloring on extra cardboard.  
 Kaylee did her first session on tumbling.  I think she liked it ok except there was some crazy kids in her class. She is literally the best behaved kid there.  
 This is when we went to see the new Maze Runner Movie Scorch trials.
 This is my sisters dog Dixie.  She makes me want a dog so very bad.  But we just aren't ready yet.  I love when she comes and visits though.
 Malcolm started a class of his own.  Kindersports.  It was fun, but it also taught me that Mommy and Me classes do not work well for us.  He sees me literally ALL the time.  So he would do better in a class of his own.  This picture is from the 2nd class.  Since I participate it is hard to take pictures.
 This is Kevin practicing the guitar for the VIP Music school concert! He is just so cute!

 Now this is cute.  This picture was taken while Kaylee was at tumbling at Bostonia Park.  He was just "chillaxing"
 I like taking sleeping pictures.  So he had this big scratch on his nose and I don't even remember how he got it.  But he picked at it so much it wasn't going away.  So I put stuff on it and put a bandaide on it until it healed.
 This is Malcolm helping prepare for Kaylee's birthday party by making yummy pumpkin cupcakes!
 On the morning od Kaylee's birthday we did the Color Run!!  We had SO much fun.  Aunt Ree got Kaylee this crown and she wore it during the run.  Everyone was wishing her happy birthday and she was just glowing!
 Look how cool they look!  THey gave us ALL medals!
 Kaylee then got ready for her party by opening presents from Ree.
 Malcolm danced with the BEST pinata that I forgot to take a real picture of.
 It was a Tangled party (Rapunzel).  SO MANY PEOPLE CAME!!  I was shocked but it was SO fun.
 Steve, Laurie, and my mom in the bounce house.  

 Now she is openeing presents with some friends.  I waited so long to have her open anything that most people left.  I was overwhelmed by the idea of getting 20+ kids to stay back while she opened presents.  But I tried to say thank you to everyone I could.
 Kayle and Taylor.  Taylor was one of Kaylee's best friends from preschool.

 This is an example of how many people we had. WOW!
 Kaylee blowing the candles out of her cake.  Her cake was awesome but I forgot to take a picture of that too.  I was having to much fun.
 Later after we got home we gave Kaylee our present.  Rain Boots.  She has been asking for like a year.
 When Malcolm played football in Kindersprots I got to take a few pictures.

 Kaylee's school pictures came in!  This are the shots they got.
 This is the one we picked!  Love her!
 This day Malcolm learned a great lesson on why we wear seatbelts.  (This picture is taken while parked).  While meeting daddy for lunch a car severely cut me off where I had to slam on my breaks and the person behinds me swerved out of the way.  Literally almost causing an accident.  Look at what Kaylee's car seat did.  Seat belts are good.
 Kaylee gets to wear her boots if it even sprinkles outside.  It rained that morning but was still warm.  So rainboots and tank tops it is.
 I got a new haircut and I am loving it.  I'm going to keep this up.
 The first time we dressed the kids in their Halloween costume was for a friends birthday party.  They are Anger and Disgust from inside out the movie.

 While the kids were at a party, I was at one of my best friends birthday party.  It was a princess party for her 30th.  It was SO fun and I loved it.  I even got to see a friend from high school who I hadn't seen in forever.  I almost cried.

 I took this cute picture at Kaylee's yearly check up.  She is in good health.  I was happy to report to her doctor that her behavior is so much better and that she loves vegetables.  
 It was purple day at school.  This was a fun outfit!
One day we had movie night and watched HOME.  This was a fun thing we got to do as a family.  The movie was really good.  I love starting these fun activities as a family because I loved our movie nights growing up.