Saturday, January 23, 2016

December 2015

 I think I have more December pictures but they must be on my phone.  SO I may post that later.  This picture of Malcolm (above) made me crack up.  He got stuck taking off his shirt.
 When Malcolm are home while Kaylee is at school, we end up doing some funny things.  This day which is most likely laundry day.  He asked to wear a cape.  A little while later, he asked me to have a cape.  So it then turned into cape day! :-)

 Kaylee ready for tumbling class!
 Kaylee and Mal Mal were cuddling.  It was cute.
 Every year we get an ornament for our tree that sums up the year.  This year we felt it appropriate to get an MS ornament since we had been dealing with it most the year.  I think it is pretty.  
 Playdates with our new friends from Kaylee's school.  There is this great family we met at Kaylee's school.  Kaylee's friend Natalie who is one month younger than Kaylee has a little sister one month younger than Malcolm and another little sister who is 1.  They are SO fun! The above picture is Malcolm and the youngest sister Julia at the Lakeside library!
 Kaylee was really excited to put the star on our tree.  That was what Santa brought last year. 
 Santa!  Our ward Christmas party was SO much fun!

 We also found out this December that my brother and his wife are expecting a little GIRL! We can't wait for our little niece to come out! Due April 2nd.
 Ok so I thought I was asking my mom if she could take out a SHOT for me.  My shot hurts a lot less if it is room temperature not strait from the fridge.  I didn't get it at first until I re read my text!  SO FUNNY!!
 Then Malcolm got the throw ups!  It is SO hard to do pick up and drop off at school when one kid might throw up at any moment.  Because the healthy one is going to school no matter what!
 It was cute though.  And with the power of oils, lysol and lots of blankets, I was able to NOT get the illness.  Everyone else got it.  
 I don't know if you can see this but the potato has a face.
 Another fun tradition we do no is gingerbread or cookie cone Christmas tree decorating!  SO fun!

 So one of Kaylee's new things is sneaking and smuggling things places.  The above is what the principal took from Kaylee and gave to her teacher.  Who then gave it to me.  She used almost all my room spray I made and luckily every piece of gum was accounted for.  The worst thing she smuggled was at sea world.  A Dorothy wig....
 Kaylee's winter party was fun.  I can to volunteer and help in the classroom.  It was really fun.  Except at the end when EVERYONE dropped their house on the ground.....

 Watching polar express.
 This was taken shopping after Kevin's work party.
 Kaylee made a huge mess on grandma's floor. Cereal everywhere.  So we had her clean it up.
 Birthday party for Bella!  It was so fun.  THey had it at Michaels craft store.  So cool!
 My in laws came into town for Christmas.  This is when I know I have more pictures.  But here is what I got.

 We watched Kevin carol at a Mall down by the border.  It was pretty fun.

 Then Kaylee fell asleep in the back of the car.
 This may not look impressive.  but if you look sideways, she wrote a word (yes it is one word not 2) that she tried spelling by herself with no help.  When she spelled it out to me after she wrote it she said "President.  It is spelled P-R-E-Z-A-D-E-N-T" I think she wrote here P-R-E-Z-A-D-E-T.  Still impressive for someone who is not in kindergarten yet and just starting to learn letter sounds.  Bravo!
 Santa came.  This was very exciting.  I will post more pictures when I find them.

This above picture was supossed to be up where my birthday was.  My mom made a cake and we celebrated my 31st birthday.  I'm officially a thirty something lady.