Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beach Camp!

Ok get ready for photos.  Because there were too many good ones to NOT post.

 My sister and I shared an air mattress.  I never woke up when Kaylee woke up and so my mom and Anne Marie got her and me up.  :-)  Good thing they heard here (and are early risers!) 
 Kaylee got a LOT of love from my family and friends.  Above is my brother "Uncle Chuck" and my mom looking at Kaylee's cute face!
 One morning she was especially spunky.  Look at these pictures!!

 Anne Maire said she didn't just happen to catch this face, she was making this face for awhile!!  What a goof!  I LOVE it!
 My mom being wonderful and letting me sleep in!!
 Gazing at the California sky

 Sometimes we would let Kaylee play outside in the pack in play!  She loved being around everyone!
 Aunt Claudia LOVES her Kaylee girl!  Kaylee LOVES Aunt Claudia too!
 Some of the gang ready to celebrate Aunt Ree's birthday.  She is my "adoptive" sister.  She grew up across the street from me my whole life.
 Here is Aunt Ree!  I think she had a good B-day!
 Kaylee joining in the festivities with some good ol formula!  What can I say, she knows how to party!  (I stopped nursing her at the beginning of our trip because she was not interested at ALL anymore and I really don't think she was getting enough)  Ree's mom is giving her some attention.  Kaylee loved her too!
 On Ree's birthday we saw dolphins out in the water.  They were jumping out of the water like they do at Sea World!  It was so cool!
 The above picture are balloons Anne Marie's aunt found on the beach.  They were abandoned so she brought them up.  Attached were 2 letters.  One from a mother and one from a father, to their unborn daughter who was either miscarried or still birth.  I would imagine it was a still birth because they knew it was a daughter.  I fought back tears as the letters reminded me of my miscarriage in 2009.  The pain is so deep, I can't imagine feeling their pain as they were farther into the pregnancy and knew that it was a little girl.  I had to take a picture to remember because I didn't have the letters to remember them by.  I hope they are finding comfort in this time of great sorrow.  My heart goes out to them.

 Ok, I am not good at segways (sp?).....My sister can seriously sleep anywhere!!!  Seriously!  We were even talking about it and a few moments later, here she was.  She then transferred herself to the tent and then was woken up when we took out the poles because we were packing up and leaving.

 Here is my star camper!  Went to sleep pretty fast, didn't wake up at night.  Woke up in the morning babbling and not crying.  Naps were slightly tough due to the heat but she did wonderful!!

 Yea I don't wear make up when I camp.  No reason to.
Aunt Claudia and Kaylee embrace as they get ready to board the cars for home.  It was a WONDERFUL trip!  My favorite parts were swimming in that wonderful ocean, watching Kaylee experience the water and sand for the first time, and the games!  Oh the game of Things, so WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visiting friends in California

One thing I left out of my last blog that was fun, while we were snorkeling we got caught in a rip current and I got saved by a life guard.  2nd time in my life this happened.  It was fun riding in on the surf board.  They came to me first out of everyone...I think I may look like I'm drowning when I swim.  Who knows. 

I also got to hang out with my cousin Maria and her husband Tim again.  This time Claudia got to come with us.  First we went to Mission Beach and swam in the water.  Then we went in the hot tube at a hotel my sister works at.  Claudia is a massage therapist and is very good at her job.  Anyway it was really fun to talk and laugh like the old days.  We grew up with Maria across the street from us so we are really close.  Then we all went to Outback with Tim and talked and had yummy food.  So much fun.

I also got to see my cousin Shannon when I was out there!  She is so skinny!  She was skinny before but she did that Medifast diet and started running and is in really good shape.  That was the first thing I noticed.  She is doing so good.  I love when I see someone and they are doing really well.  Makes me happy.  It was fun to catch up with her and go to Mimi's.  Kaylee also loved the Shannon and loved to crawl around her place.  After I got home I packed up the car and when Claudia got home from her Tuesday night massage, we headed to Carlsbad, CA to join the rest of the family at beach camp.  Kaylee's first camping experience.  It went really well.  She fell right asleep and didn't bother anyone until the morning came.  She greeted everyone with a happy sigh and my mom and Anne Marie got her up and we both got ready to go again. 

After Kaylee was fed and all was dressed, Kaylee and I left to go to Glendale to meet up with my long time best friend Monique Shorten!  I also got to meet her beautiful 4 year old daughter Wednesday!  This kid is amazing!  She has such a great personality and very good with Kaylee.  They loved each other!  Monique got some good pictures and a cute video of the two of them playing!

 Me and Monique.  I have been friends with her since the 3rd grade I think.  She is so amazing!  I wish we lived closer!  She is also an amazing mom! 
 Kaylee and Wednesday.  Doesn't Wednesday look like her mom?  I love her hair!  She has such a fun personality!
 Kaylee thinks so too!  It was fun to let Kaylee follow her around and see how happy Kaylee was playing with her.

Us with our mini mes.  We also happened to wear very similar outfits!  I will write about Beach camp in another blog.  So much FUN!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

San Diego Part 2

The first week in San Diego I hung out with family mainly.  We went as a family to Mission Bay and had a picnic and then had a BBQ at our friend Laurie's house.  So fun! I'm pretty sure she's one of my favorite people.  It was fun hanging out with everyone and making plans to do more fun stuff.  Anne Marie also came with us to Laurie's house and it is always fun to have her around.  We played games that night too with Anne Marie.  We played the game of things.  My favorite game!  So many inside jokes start in that game!  Love it.

The next week we went snorkeling with my brother Charlie, my sister Claudia, my mom, and our friend Laurie.  We saw nothing except for I saw part of a fish.  It was really murky that day and someone told us the sharks were out way further than we wanted to go.  It was still REALLY fun!  I was unnecessarily afraid of the sting rays and the need to do the "sting ray shuffle" while in the water.  For those of you who don't know what the sting ray shuffle is, here is a brief explanation.  You see, if a sting ray passes by your legs, he doesn't feel threatened.  However if you step on him, he fears his life and therefore stings you.  We went to La Jolla and the hotel we were by is totally ready to aid anyone in need of treatment.  Luckily, it doesn't kill you, as far as I know, and how they treat it?  They stick the affected area (most likely your leg) in a bucket of really really hot water.  That is what I am told. Anyway, it was really fun, and after we went to Phil's BBQ.  My new San Diego MUST GO TO place.  My first time going there was on Kevin's birthday this year and how this place was a secret to me until now, I have no clue.  It is funny how you can grow up in a city and still find numerous new fun things to do in it all the time!  (For example that was my second time snorkeling and I'm in love with it!). 

I was also able to hang out with my best friend Manda and her husband Michael while I was there.  We had dinner at this mexican food place by my parents place that I love!  We origonally went there for carne asada fries, but now I go for their California burito.  It is basically the carne asada fries in a tortilla.  Yummy Carne Asada (Beef/Steak/ Yummers), Cheese, Guacamole, and of course, fries!!  So YUM!  They also got to hang out at my parent's house and talk and play with Kaylee.  I love showing her off!

That Friday I went to a concert at my cousin Maria's music studio!  Maria and her husband Tim started a music school in Lakeside/Santee area in San Diego and are REALLY good at it.  HERE is a link to their facebook page.  Anyway, the concert was a farewell concert for a girl who had been with them for like 6 years and was now going away to college on the other side of the country.  She was really good and I wouldn't be surprised to hear her on the radio someday.  They have a huge number of guitar and drum students so they teach rock as well as other genres of music.  It was really cool to experience and wonderful to see my wonderful cousin and her husband again.

That Saturday I got to hang out with my amazing friend Heather Fugate!  I hadn't seen her in like 10ish years!  Wow!  I missed that girl and it was awesome talking to her again!  We went to a concert downtown in San Diego where her fiance's best friend's band was playing.  It was a battle of the bands to see who was going to play on the warped tour.  It was the finals.  They made it really far but didn't make it on the tour.  They are really good though.  The band was called Dick Justice.  It was funny, Heather and I ended up working at their merchandice table (I didn't mind because I got to hang with Heather, help out the band, and sit on a stool. )  So we got a free CD.  Which is awesome!  But it was nice to walk around and have dinner with Heather beforehand. 

Sorry I don't have more pictures to share.  I am trying to find as many as possible from other people.  Stupid no camera!  More to come!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Utah/ San Diego: Part 1

So on June 24th, My brother in law Allen and his beautiful wife Britany had their first born Cameron James Sproul.  He is the first nephew for us so it was very exciting!  We were able to go out to Utah for this little guy's blessing and had the best time!  Britany and Allen are such good parents and Cam is so tiny and sweet!  He is such a good baby and it was so fun being able to hold a newborn and watch how fast he grew just in the short time we got to see him!  He has dark curly hair and little skinny limbs!  I should also mention he is almost a pound lighter than Kaylee was when she was born.  He was 7 lbs 5 oz and Kaylee was 8 lbs 3 oz.  So Kaylee was never as small out of the womb as Cam was when I saw him.  SO CUTE!  I love little babies!  (Also, No I didn't get baby hungry while I was out there...)

This is a picture of Cam after he was born.  I hope Allen doesn't mind that I stole it from his facebook. :-)  It was fun being able to spend time with their family shopping, eating pizza and taking walks at the canyon, and breakfast at Joe's.  So fun!  Oh another thing is the camera I brought with me ended up being broken so all the pictures I post of this vaca was either by phone or someone else's shot. 

My parents drove up from San Diego to spend a weekend in Utah and drive me and Kaylee back to San Diego at the end of the trip.  While Allen, Britany, Cam, Don and Jayne went to a family reunion, we were able to visit with my Uncle Cary, Aunt Pia, cousin Michael and Annika and my cousin Mianna.  We had dinner with most of them the friday night we were there and then the next day had lunch with all of them including Mianna.  I hadn't seen then in probably 5 or 6 years?  It has been way too long.  It was nice to see all of them and meet my cousin's new wife Annika!  She is SO amazing and fits in the fam well I think.

 Dinner at Uncle Cary and Aunt Pia's house.  Left to Right:  Charlie Connors, Sarah Connors, Kaylee Sproul, Curtis Connors, Cindy Sproul, Kevin Sproul, Annika Connors, Michael Connors, Johnny Strubell, Johnny's girl Stephanie Smith, Cary Connors. 
My Aunt Pia captured this precious moment with Kaylee.  So cute!

The road trip from Utah to San Diego went really well.  The first day we brought Kevin to the airport :-( and then headed toward St. George, UT.  We decided to stop by Walmart to pick up a few things on the way and ran into Don, Britany, and Allen which was really funny!  So I got to say one last goodbye before heading out.  We also stopped at BYU to check out the ROTC riffles my brother works with there.  It was interesting, and we got to see the inside of the gym/basketball court.  There is an indoor track for running there which I am sure is common, but I had never seen one.

The hotel in St. George was AWESOME!  We got a good deal at this hotel (I don't remember the name) and there was a nice pool with a jacuzzi and a hot breakfast in the morning.  It was fun swimming with Kaylee and the fam.  Poor Kaylee was a little sleepy but it was worth it to get to swim and have a chance to go in the hot tub!  They also had a huge selection for their free hot breakfast in the morning.  There was eggs, bacon, sausage, beef and bean burritos, hash browns, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, cereal, waffles (both big and mini), juice, and hot chocolate!  Oh my goodness!  I have never seen a free breakfast this good.  Plus the seats were comfy, and they even had a high chair for Kaylee to sit in.  The server girls were in love with Kaylee.  I even had Kaylee melt their hearts with blowing kisses.  I made it look like it was her idea.  Kaylee now can do a few "tricks" when she feels like doing them on command.  sometimes I will whisper behind her, "blow kisses" and she will do it.  Sometimes she does do it all on her own though which is way awesome!  Anyway, the next day was the long one and she did fantastic.

 When we got to San Diego, We put Kaylee on a blanket while we unpacked.  As you can see, My dad loved having his granddaughter there.  It was funny because at first  she wouldn't even touch the grass.  She got over that by the end of the trip.
This is the end of blowing kisses.  What a sweetheart!  She is so loved! (BTW- These were taken on my phone)

More to come...