Tuesday, December 13, 2016

April 2016

 So I got a new phone in April.  Since then my picture loading has been "iffy"  I load them on the computer and it no longer saves the date taken and the photos were a little out of order.  Which is a nightmare because my new phone holds a TON more photos than my old one so I got lazy and didn't load them for a few months.  Here is what I have of April but I doubt they are in any chronological order.  The above picture is at Souplantation for Kevin's birthday.
 Kevin made this delish chocolate chip bread in the new bread maker he got for his birthday.
 This month also included my first MS walk as a person who has MS.  It was SO fun and can't wait until our next one!
 April 1st my niece Rose was born.  She is just so adorable.

 We also got the new of my dad's dear cat George had to be put to sleep.  The news shattered Kaylee's little heart.  Mine too and we rushed over to give my dad hugs!
 This face happen.  She said, "But George was the only cat that let me pet him!" (It was only because he was old and didn't feel like moving)

 I thought this was cute.  Kaylee loves these singing and cooking competitions.  This one is the voice.
 These are more picture from Kevin's birthday dinner.

 Then Kevin and I had a date.  I think we also had a gift card.  So that was awesome.  I love Melting Pot!
Kaylee drew this unicorn which I love!!

Anyway, I will post more pictures as they as organized.  Love you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

March 2016

 Sorry I am SO behind!!  Here is some fun pictures from March!
 The Hat Parade at Kaylee's school!  It was for Dr Seuss's birthday.  Each class had a book as their theme.  

 Kevin got to come which is rare!

 We got this THANK YOU from the Youth in our ward for the Road show we put on.  

 Time with my buddy is always the best!

 Tumbling with Mal!
 Mal made his own lunch!

 Aunt Nedra came over to visit while she was in town helping her best friend.
 Kaylee drew this giraffe which is so amazing!
 Kaylee learned to play hang man from somewhere!
 I love her violin lessons
 This bath cutie

 He looks SO cute in this hat!
 Also why is she so grown up!

 Maria's 30th birthday doing kareoke!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

January 2016

January 2016 didn't start out the way we hoped.  Midday January 1st I got a call from my mom who informed me that my friend Mary, was killed.  She was shot by her husband just after midnight that morning.  I immediately broke down in tears and when Kevin asked what was wrong I just handed him the phone.  I couldn't speak.  Mary had been a real true friend to me.  I have very little of those at church since I have been Primary pianist since we moved here basically.  So it was awesome to have a friend who I could literally be myself around and I didn't have to worry if she would judge me.  We also had a special connection because her mom's best friend is Kevin's Aunt Nedra.  So she has known the Sproul family longer than me.

As you can see on the ribbon above, Mary left behind 6 kids ages 2-13.  They are the sweetest kids.  2 boys and 4 girls.

This was one of the last posts she posted.  I will miss her funny and real posts on Facebook and Instagram.  I will miss her smile and friendship.
Mary also was my go to person for oils.  I bought my kit from her and if I had a question I would go to her.  I took the above picture because this is what I started using at the start of the year.  It is supposed to help with weight loss and other stuff.  It is yummy so it is worth a try.  I haven't been very good lately!  But I think of her everytime I get out some oils.
One thing Mary started doing last year is she started putting some purple in her hair.  She had longer hair than me so she would just do the ends.  I thought it was SO cute and I have always wanted purple hair.  So on December 31st I bought some purple dye in all intentions of doing it.  After I heard the news, despite my lack of wanting to move, I felt that following through with the purple hair.  I don't
I think I took this the morning of Jan 1st?  Before I found out the bad news.
Malcolm became a sunbeam at church which was really cute!  He is doing really good except he won't help anyone during sharing time and sometimes music time if asked.  I only know this because I'm in primary as the pianist.  Sometimes Kevin who is the chorister can get him to hold a sign here and there.

This was really funny.  Kaylee would only do her homework if she could wear her skull mask.  So whatever.  It got done.

Since El nino is among us, we got his some rainboots.
Kevin did Kaylee's hair.  He did a really good job!
Kaylee had her first violin lesson with her Aunt Maria!
Malcolm wanted in on the picture action.
Kaylee practicing.  I love it when she practices.  I wonder how long that will last.  
Malcolm being a ninja turtle
Malcolm is starting tumbling.  I'm trying to get him used to being in a class.  He just doesn't like doing what the teacher says when I am around.  I leave and he is perfect.

I loved this picture where he fell asleep in the car cuddling Olaf.  You can see the carrot nose!
There was a lot of group cuddles.
Claudia has her first 29th birthday!  I made her marshmallow brownies.
Laundry day means if we don't have errands to do we go to the park and play.
Malcolm during Kaylee's violin lesson. CUTE!
Kaylee and Maria in action!

Sea World with Daddy!  We wanted to get a day in before Tax Season REALLY started.

I know I'm weird but I think it is SO cute that she can reach the sink all by herself without a stool!  This is going to literally make taking her potty less painful for me.
More group cuddles.  They can sense that I was sad all month.
We made him a mohawk.  We can't help loving it.
Then Mal got sick.  Going through this picutre makes me realize just how stressed I was.  All of this was during Road Show Season which Kevin and I were in charge of.
Then something wonderful happed!  No really it was so exciting!
Kaylee lost her tooth!
She was happy once I told her what the tooth fairy was.  Until then she was scared and crying.  
She is still asking me to go to the dentist to make sure everything is ok.

The tooth fairy came and left a little tiny note.  Because the fairy is tiny.  She also left a dollar!

This is another picture of Malcolm sick in the tub.  Poor guy!!  
This picture was taken when my cousin Lydia was watching the kids while Kevin and I helped with the sealing of my grandparents (Granlow) and also the sealing of my grandparents to my mom and Aunt Ruth.  Amazing experience.