Tuesday, March 24, 2015

February 2015

February was a good month.  Malcolm got his first big boy underwear.  These don't normally last the whole day but they are helping him learn when he is wet.  He hasn't pooped his pants barely at all.  I haven't had to change a single poopy bum in a few weeks!
We love Kaylee's epic drawing of Josheph Smilth.  I love that apparently he has a manacle?  HAHAHA  The best.
Ok sad day, Malcolm got a fever and this is how I knew he was really sick.  He just wanted to lay there.  Even with a cold he is bouncing around the room.  Good news, it was gone the next day.  Phew!
So Maria, Claudia and I finally were able to get together and the most perfect thing about it was that morning Maria signed her final divorce papers!!  So we called it a Freedom Party and it was SO fun celbrating Maria's new life full of happiness and love!
We went to this yummy ramen place that had sushi and I was in love.  I love Ramen but this Ramen had egg in it and pork and other yummy things!
I'm also really happy I am starting to enjoy sushi.  It really is about finding the one you like because I tried the caterpillar roll there and I actually asked for a second one!  That is very unlike me.  But I did it.
 Kaylee got a few new dress up outfits that she modeled for me. This one is amazing.
 I made sure the bubbles covered him up.  But look at this bath man!
 Malcolm cheers me up when I am having a hard day.  Look at that smile!
 Kaylee writing her first valentines.  Most of her valentines were some version of K and S or a K with a circle starting an "a" but she did it herself and she was happy.
 We went to one of Kevin's basketball games and they kept yelling as a group "Go Daddy Go!"  and it was cute but we had to have them stop because those little kids are loud.  Haha
 They had a lot of fun playing though.
 Kaylee's preschool valentines party!!  Look how happy she is!!  On the right is her friends Veronica and on the left is her friend Kaylee F.  We love Kaylee F.  she is so sweet with Malcolm and nice to everyone and she is named after the same Firefly character as our Kaylee.

 Malcolm even got some  valentines and of course some treats.
 Charlie and Andrea came in town and we took that oportunity to celebrate Claudia's birthday as a family.  I made another cake for this occation.

 The next day we went to check out a campsite and have a picnic out by Cuyamaca campgrounds.  I forgot the name of that mountain that we can hike at if we go back and camp there.  We went up a little bit but we had already been walking th campground.

 It tired out Malcolm and he slept all the way home.
 We went to the zoo and she picked her own outfit.
 I picked this shirt for buddy.

So Malcolm is so funny.  They have these little trees all around Bostonia rec center.  He loves to hug them.  He says, "I hug a tree"
We went to the Mall one day while Kaylee had preschool and this play place actually had no one in it.  For me that was awesome because a lot of parents that go to the mall don't watch their kid as they bully my kids.
My mom had a booth and a little talk at the Family History activity for our church.  It was fun seeing her speak.
Kaylee gave grandma lots of cuddles.
We went and celebrated our anniversary (which was December 27th 6 years!!) and Valentines day.  It was really fun.  I normally don't do bold lip colors but I did that day for fun.
I made this Valentines card for him.  A fermata.  Makes me chuckle every time.
This was us at the end of the night.  My lipstick left.
This was a cute moment.  Apparently they wore out the nursery kids because this was Mal in sacrament and I was told by another friend that their little nursery son was asleep during sacrament.  (Our sacrament is last).
Kaylee's silly face.
I got to go see my cousin Maria play at the house of blues.  She did a solo set, a set with a different artist and she did a set with her band strictly skunk.  She is so talented and we had a great time.

Juilio stole my phone real fast to put this jewel on my phone.  Looks a lot like the picutre I took of myself right before it.

I love these girls so much!!  I am so happy we are related and bound to be friends for life.
I'm glad Julio made it too.  Always makes for a better day.
A few more cute ones with the kids.  I am glad I write these things and look through my pictures because on bad days it reminds me of how awesome they really are.  I love how Malcolm can always cheer me up when I need it and how funny Kaylee is.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

January 2015

 January was a fun month.  Grandma and Grandpa came home from the Caimans.  Kaylee made Grandma a hat.
 We also got frost on our grass.  I used to call this crunchy grass because I loved hearing it crackle under my feet as a kid.  Ok as an adult too.
 Christmas brought us a bigger variety of games to play as a family.  Crazy Eights is now a game we all enjoy.

 Remember these fun Mickey shirts we made back in December?

 WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND IN THEM!!!  It was so exciting being there and seeing the kids enjoy the day.  Although I have to say they go this thing from Kevin where they don't really have fun reactions at first.  They took everything in at the moment and the next day they wouldn't stop talking about all their favorite parts!!  THEY LOVED IT ALL!
 The best part is that while everyone was worried that having kids at Disneyland (for Kaylee's birthday) was going to ruin the day, they were perfectly behaved.  It went SO very smooth.

 Anxiously awaiting to enter and see the castle!
 SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!  The first ride we went on was Big Thunder Mountain which Kaylee liked ok except for the pyrotechnics at the end.  So on Splash Mountain she hid the whole time.  Of course we had her go on Splash mountain 2nd.  After that we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride which I think was both their favorite rides.  Malcolm got to see Rabbit and Tigger while the rest of us (minus Claudia who was with Mal) rode Splash mountain. 

 Malcolm's "Bear Hug" harness was a lifesavor.  No lost kids at Disney. 
We made sure to visit King Arthur's Carousel.  It was fun going on that as a family.

We went and saw the Frozen show there and we all loved it.  I also realized that I am not 5 anymore and sitting on the ground with the kids was quite painful.  But it was worth it for the kids to be happy and protected.
We got to go with my dad in the handicap line because of his bad hip.  This is Kaylee spending her time "in line" tickling Julio.
This is one of my favortie pictures of us.  I love Kaylee's face. I zoomed in on it so you could get a good look.

This is Claudia and Kaylee before we got to Disney (the pictures aren't completely in order)
This is in line at the Frozen show and probably one of my most favorite pictures ever.
Waiting in line at Space Mountain.

I love the family pictures we took outside the castle!

Malcolm fell asleep on the Pirate of the Caribbean ride.
We then went to go watch the show Fantasmic that takes place at the water across from the Haunted Mansion.  We loved it.
Kaylee was still having fun and happy right here at the end of the night.
Julio and Claudia.
So Malcolm slept until Fantasmic started and there was loud booms and he was startled awake and continued to shake throughout the show.  Kevin held him the whole time comforting him.  We all enjoyed the show still.  We just felt a little bad for Malcolm.
This is the next morning.  We bought them hoodies as souvenirs. 
Now the other parts of January.  Malcolm learned how to put on these pairs of shoes by himself.
We went to my friend Carolyn's baby shower and Kevin won the game of who will drink out of a bottle the fastest.
And Malcolm won which kid can keep a sour pop in their mouth the longest.
Claudia's birthday was Januray 19th and I made her a yummy cake for all to enjoy.

This was one of her preschool projects.  All the kids thought they were kites so I took a picture while it lasted.
We all went to this fun free event for kids all about music.  The San Diego Symphony played.  Kaylee's favorite instrument was the violin and Malcolm's favorite instrument was the zebra.  That is right.  I have got some educating to do.  
The conductor's wife was in my mom's 3rd grade class at Jamacha back when she worked there.  So it was fun seeing her and saying hi from my mom.
Malcolm doing airplane.  I am not standing on my son.  hahaha
Kaylee napping.  
Malcolm is obbsessed with Dolphins so of course we need to stop at these drains often.
Malcolm has been doing pretty good going on the potty.  Still not done potty training but we are that much closer to not buying pull ups anymore.
We went to the Mormon Batallion parade event and Elder Holland was there.  I took this picture (after I shook his hand) and later I realized that beautiful lady in the blue skirt is my Aunt Claudia who got to help Elder Holland all day!
Then we had some yummy Mexican food.
After that we went to a birthday party/show for two of Maria's (my cousin's) band mates.  Here is Strickly skunk playing at Harry Griffin park in La Mesa.  They sounded fantastic!
The kids got to hear them too a little bit before Kevin brought them to the playground.
Here is my beautiful cousin Maria on the keyboard.  She also played trumpet and guitar.  Love this girl!!  So that was January.  I hope to finish February soon.  We are having trouble putting my phone pictures on the computer.