Friday, January 31, 2014

My Little Dancer

 Warning, some of the pictures are crazy.  But you have to scroll to the bottom and watch the video because they are well worth it.  Especially the hula hoop one.  Anyway, so now that Kaylee is 3 a whole world has opened up to her.  We were going to put her in preschool this January and since we just moved out on her own and money is tight (Plus I wanted more time to research preschools) we decided to put her in dance class in the mean time.  Best decision ever.  This is from her first day. 
 Warming up with butterflys.  They ask everyone where they are flying to.  Half of them said Disneyland including Kaylee. I don't think Kaylee is prepared for how awesome Disneyland really is.

The above is the best picture I got after the class is over.  She is showing me her stickers she got on her hands.

Now for the videos:

Across the floor

This next one is the best.  Look for the girl in the black ballet shoes.  That is Kaylee.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 is off to a great Start

 On New Years day we had a special lunch at my parent's house.  They had a potato bar which was oh so tasty!  We had a lot of fun too.  Above is my Uncle Bob, Aunt Ruth and Kaylee.
 A REALLY special thing that I was able to witness and help with is going to my friend Heather's baptism in the church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints.  It was so cool to see her get baptized,  I've known her for about 12 years now.  I met her when I was in Alliance Drum and Bugle Corp.  I was a mellaphone player and she was colorguard and it being in that drum and bugle corp really was one of the highlights of my life along with my friendship with Heather.  When I heard she was going to church I was pleasantly surprised.  I think we had talked about my beliefs a bit before but it was someone else who actually brought her to church.  I admire her because of how much she really has a true testimony of the church and passion for being LDS.  She makes me want to be a better person.  Her baptism was really cool.  Kevin baptized her, I played the piano, and Kevin and I even did a special music number.  But the most special part was seeing her get baptized and hearing her wonderful testimony.  Love you Heather!
 Our little Kaylee is now a SUNBEAM in Primary!!  She is no longer in nursery she has graduated on and we love it!  We love her teacher.  Sis Sadlier (I spelled that wrong I know it) is one of those people I grew up with.  She has had many piano calling and I always looked up to her for her wonderful skills.  She is also a former teacher.  So she is good.
 Ok this picture makes me burst with joy.  I am SO proud of Kaylee.  We took her ice skating for the first time and she rocked it.  First she was a little timid about it, then she was ok with holding two people's hands, then she was ready to hold on to the wall with one person's hand, then she let go of the wall, then she decided to try and get on the ice on her own.  She refused a hand.  She kept close to the wall and we kept close to her but even typing this I want to cry.  So proud of this lovely lady.  This was a perfect day.  It isn't every day I try and do something cool with her and it works in my favor.  She was keeping up with us too.  She didn't slow us down at all.  Ah!
 So the next few pictures are just cute.  Above is a cute picture of Aunt Claudia with her littles on our couch.  I'm so happy she lives closer so we can see her more soon!!
 Malcolm Sleeping.  I had to wake him up because we had to leave to go somewhere.  This was really hard.  Look at him!
 I watched my friend/neighbors kids and it was so fun having the kids play together.  I also learned about some social things I need to work on with the kids.  Haha I need to get my kids out there more!

 Kaylee thought Malcolm needed to dress up as a pretty princess.  I'm actually surprised there isn't any accessories.  He usually does that on his own. 
I love the way Malcolm lounges.  I love the way he does almost anything.  I don't love his new fascination with the toilet water....but its ok.  He is 1, and later I can tell his girlfriends about it.  The keeper will accept him for his toilet playing past. (I don't actually let him play in there. I remove him from the situation haha)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Videos For My Grandma!

These are the videos of the kids opening their presents after Christmas.  These are from my wonderful Grandma Melba.  She is so nice to get us gifts for Christmas!  The kids love them!  Thank you Grandma so much! First is Malcolm and second is Kaylee.  Enjoy!  (Oh excuse the mess and hindsight I probably should have turned off the TV  oops!)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cuteness in December

 Aunt Ruth got there just in time for Kaylee to wake up from a nap and fall back asleep on her
 Self explanatory

 They are best friends
 At the mall with Grandma

 This is at Mal's eye appointment on New Years Eve

 At Bostonia Park

The Shorten Sealing

 On Kevin and I's anniversary we were honored to be able to attend the sealing of my best friend Monique's family's sealing.  It was beautiful!  I was able to capture some pictures of this beautiful family.

 Isn't she beautiful?  They all look so happy and I am so happy for them as well.

Christmas 2013

This is the first Christmas we got to wake up in our own house with just our family and see what Santa brought us and see if he ate the cookies.  I have very much enjoyed being at one family or the other's house but sometimes it is nice to be the one actually experiencing with the kids present opening and all of that instead of just taking the pictures because they are obsessed with everyone but me.  Unless I'm the only option.
Anyway, so it was cool taking photos and video while being the one they wanted to show their stuff to and help them open presents.  I haven't uploaded the videos but here are some pictures from the day.

After our morning present opening, we went to my parent's house to open presents.  Above is Kevin and Julio having their morning cuddle.

Funny thing about the above dragon.  Kaylee at first cuddled up in Aunt Claudia's arms and cried a bit in fear.  Now it is a favorite in the house.  One both Kaylee and Malcolm enjoy.

After all of that we went to my uncle Bob's and had Christmas lunch.  That's where we split up.  The kids were sick (Boo!) and so Kevin (my angel) took the kids home while I continued on to go to my Aunt Claudia's house for Christmas dinner.  It was a wonderful day!!

We moved

We moved!  Just like 5 minutes from where we were.  But we now live in a little town home that we are renting and so far we like it.  We moved on December 21 so Christmas time was even more hectic.  I will post photos once we have more things put together.  If you need my address let me know and I will get it to you.

Potty Trained

After about a year of working with her Kaylee is FINALLY potty trained!  It is SO nice not having to buy so many diapers and she can do everything on her own.  So proud of my Kaylee girl!

Christmas Party and Poway Christmas

 This year's ward Christmas Party was REALLY good this year.  One downside was Kevin was caroling and couldn't make it.  But he busted in the money so it was ok.  This year my dad was Santa.  So naturally we had a talk with Kaylee about Santa's helpers.  After we had them sit on his lap and take pictures I asked her how she liked Santa.  She said very matter of factly, "He was good.  He was Campa (Grandpa)"  And then on if she was talking about the experience she referred to him as the Campa Santa.  "Remember when I got a bag of treats from the Campa Santa?"
 Above Kaylee with the Campa Santa
 Malcolm with the Campa Santa
 So we did something new this year (Oh and by the way this is Kaylee's posed smile most of the time the month of December) we went to this free even the have in Poway almost everynight of December.  We just went one night.  It gets really crowded.  It was pretty cool though.  This family decorated their house with all sorts of Christmas decorations for people to come see and they also serve free cookies and hot chocolate or cider.  They also had a Santa.  The kids were able to pick out a free toy from Santa.  We didn't actually see that Santa because the line for him was easily over an hour long.  It was a fun event and we will go again next year.

 This is Malcolm "Oooo" face when he thinks something is cool!

 Oh and the family (and a lot of the workers) are mormon!
 We took the above photo for my sister and her husband (The Leons)

 He obviously loved the Seaseme street characters
 This is a horrible picture it was SO dark.  But Repunzel and a random creature was there to visit the kids.

This last one is a random photo of Malcolm with a Santa hat on.  It's just cute!