Friday, December 30, 2011


Note that this post is just the start of many posts to come about December, but holy moly, a lot of stuff has happened since I have posted last.  First I wanted to post a little about the beginning part of December and things won't nesissarily be in chronological order as I need to collect pictures from all different sources (and phone)  but here we go.

So from the beginning of December we have been busy busy busy.  First our Relief Society Christmas party, Claire's birthday party (Kaylee's friend :-D ), and our dear friend's the Buchholtz Christmas party.  All were awesome and fun in their own way.  We love spending time with our friends.  It seems like we don't do it often enough!  The next weekend we had our ward Christmas party (in another Post) and then Kevin's work's Christmas party!

I look forward to Kevin's work Christmas party every year because it is a big hupla.  It was held at the Brown hotel in Louisville, KY downtown and not only was the party there, but they got everyone a hotel room there!  We got there early to settle in, then took a walk around 4th street.
 I turned the pictures before I uploaded them but they turned back.  Oh well they are still cute!  This is on 4th Street Live.  It was fun walking in the street without the fear of being hit by cars!

Later we got all dressed up and went to the cocktail hour and then to dinner!  It was yummy.  My favorites was the mini beef wellingtons and then the turkey with the yummy gravy on it.  I used my pregnancy card and got seconds on the turkey.  We got as our "Bingo gift" the dirt devil spot cleaner which was our #1 choice!  We thought since we will be potty training in the near future, we may need that!!  I'm very excited about it!  Kevin also got a Donan water bottle thing that keeps things hot and cold.  Very nice and sturdy looking.  Anyway, here are some pictures of us all dressed up!

 Kevin picked out the above outfit by himself.  I am very impressed!
 I was 18 1/2 weeks here I think.  Yes that is right.  Thought I'd bust out a bump picture!!
 Kevin!  He was beardless because he was Santa for our ward Christmas party.  Which you will see later.
Very handsome!  And here is some pictures of the hotel room!

 The chair!
 King bed!  I even used the little Brown Hotel Blanket.
Because we are silly and take pictures like this!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Walking Fool

Yes that is right, my daughter is a walking fool, and I finally have proof!!!  The first one is a good one of her walking I am standing up so I think it came out better.  The second is her walking, dancing and playing.  A little glimpse in the day of Kaylee and me.  How do I get things done with a girl this cute?  I don't.  Not really anyway.  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Few things I left out

I was on facebook loading some pics when I found 2 really great ones from Thanksgiving!  Here they are!

 Here is Kevin with his finished tart.  Didn't he do a beautiful job?  It was just as tasty too!  I actually tried it because they berries weren't cooked so I liked it!  What a handsome devil he is.
Here is Allen carving the turkey!  It was so delicious!  It was brined and baked in a bag!  My favorite way to have turkey! YUM!

Thanksgiving Weekend

One thing that I LOVE about thanksgiving is that the weekend starts like on Wednesday!  For us, It started Tuesday night upon the arrival of Kevin's brother Allen, his wife Britany and their little son Cameron!  They traveled all the way from Utah to see US!  Well, and the rest of the Sproul clan, but we are so wonderful to be around ;-)  Heehee.  Anyway,. we were so excited for them to arrive.  They got in at 10:30 that night and stayed the night and the next morning Britany was SO nice as to watch Kaylee while Kevin and I went to our appointment for the baby in the belly.  Our appointment was at 8:15am so you can imagine how tired she must have been!  She caught this cute moment while we were out:

It was nice seeing Kaylee playing with a younger baby, especially her little cousin!  This picture is priceless!  Love it!

So we spent the whole day with Allen and Britany (AKA Britllen) and their little cuteness Cam. YAY!  We got stuff done, ate BBQ with the parentals, and played Allen's favorite game of Quelf (hehe he wasn't a fan!) Also, I was excited to have the opportunity to feed Cam rice cereal!  I have never seen a baby so excited about rice cereal!!

(Thank you Britany for some of these pictures that I stole from your Blog!)

The next day was Thanksgiving! We hosted and I think it went really well.  We did some of the preparations the day before, so we only had a few things to do on the big day.  This was the first thanksgiving that Kaylee could actually eat Thanksgiving food.  Last year she only got it through breast milk afterword.  :-)  This was also Cam's first Thanksgiving!  Last year he was in his mom's belly.

 Here is me and Mama Sproul preparing tasty dishes for Thanks giving!  Kevin and I made the turkey, the gravy, the mashed potatoes, the cranberry relish, and seen below, Kevin made a fruit tart all by himself for the first time.  It was a huge success!  The cranberry relish was also a huge success although I did not partake.  I don't like cranberries.  Mama Sproul made the rolls and corn and helped all of us with our dishes as well as played a majority of the roll in clean up.  Brittlen made pumpkin pies and Dixie salad, both delish!  All of it was delish!  I'll tell you, our family sure has good cooks!
 Here is Kevin making the fruit tart!  He made everything from scratch, except the crust was left over from Brittlen's pies.  I was so proud proud of him.  He volunteered to make it and I am glad he did!
 Here is Kaylee sampling the berries while she waited the big dinner.  Trust me, she was anxiously waiting for this dinner!
 In between cooking, Britany had this wonderful and fun idea to do a Thanksgiving craft!  We cut out paper leaves and colored them on the butcher paper.  The outline of the leaf would be made on the paper leaving a fun design on the table!  It also kind of turned into a coloring session.  We have some lovely drawing by Kevin and Kaylee here. Plus we all wrote what we are thankful for on the table!  So cute!  I think it should turn into a tradition of ours.  We were supposed to start this the day before and spray paint the leaves, but this turned out so well too! 

Here is the whole gang at thanksgiving....wait Britney isn't looking, lets try this again.

There we go!  After dinner all of us or most of us somehow passed out in one form or another.  I think the best one was Mama Sproul made a little bed in the hall and took a nap!

The next day Kevin and I traveled down to Lexington to join the rest of the fam.  That night we had a couples night out without kids!  We went to Johnny Carinos!  Very yummy!!!  Here is us all full and happy!

From left to right: Rodney and Denisha (Rodnisha) Kevin and Cindy (Kevindy) and Britany and Allen (Britllen).  It was so fun to be out with my bro and sister in laws!  We later went to look at the black friday leftovers at Best Buy and Kevin and I got our Christmas for ourselves taken care of.  Hello Kinect, you will be of much help when I go to loose the baby weight after May!  We then headed to Rodnisha's house where we watched Arthur (I highly recommend this movie) and ate this fabulous brownie pecan pie.  I have decided that they are the masters of pie making.  every pie they have made and I have ate has been amazing!

The next day was 2nd Thanksgiving except with Ham.  :-)  Yum!
 Here is Grandma Sproul with ALL her grandbabies!  From Left to right, Bentley, Kaylee, Copper, Cam, and Paisley!  We had a lot of fun having them all together. Aren't my neices and nephew SO cute!  I love them!
 Here is Kaylee and Cam ready to bust out some food!  They are adorable!  I love their cute smiles!  I think Cam likes sitting in a high chair like a big boy!
So, funny story.  We went on 2 walks this day.  The first one was super cute because Bentley and Paisley wanted to push Kaylee and Cam in their strollers!  The second walk we had Paisley and Kaylee in a double stroller and Copper in another stroller and Bentley grabbed my hand and we headed for the front of the line.  It was funny, because before the walk she whispers in my ear, "I want to walk really fast so I want you to come with me."  A little background, at the end of the first walk Paisley, Cam, and I ended up very far ahead of Bentley, Kaylee, and Jayne.  I think she saw this and noted that I can walk pretty fast sometimes.  Anyway, so there we are at the front of the line.  Walking, then skipping, then walking, then more skipping, then downhill run!  We get to the bottom and walk around the culta sac (My spelling of this is all sorts of wrong because when I was young, my friend Monique and I just called it the circle place) and then we started uphill.  After recovering a bit Bentley would look back at Rodney pushing the double stroller, laugh, and start running, then look back, laugh and start runing again.  All while holding my hand.  I thought, what the heck, I'll go with it.  And we ran all the way back to the house.  It was fun, I burned a ton of calories, and I was happy to have a moment like that with Bentley because I don't get them often!  The girls are SO cute and it is fun to see what the future will hold with Kaylee!

To end, I wanted to share a few more pictures taken sometime in the last week.

 This is Kaylee giving her Daddy kisses! How cute!  This was taken on the Friday, I can tell by the cute outfit she is wearing.

I think this was the Sunday after thanksgiving.  I am 16 weeks 5 days in this picture.  I have decided that the weight I am loosing is coming off my face, maybe my legs and arms too.  But certainly not the belly.  What a great family I have married into.  I am very thankful for all the blessings I have and for the family Kevin and I share (both sides) and for my beautiful daughter Kaylee and her little sibling in my belly! 

(Also thank you again to Britany for some of these pictures)