Friday, October 19, 2012

People we miss

These are a few shots we got of some people we will miss from Kentucky.  This is not the only people, but these people are certainly close to our heart and we will keep them in our lives forever.  (Especially family haha)

 Josh and Kinsey (Future Heins) We are so grateful to be friends with this engaged couple!  Josh sang with Kevin in the cardinal singers choir at University of Louisville
The Russells!  We met the Russells in our first ward in Louisville but really became friends with them during the play Kevin and I were in Fall of 2009.  We love them and their cute twin boys James and Nolan!
 Of course we love and will miss our Lexington family.  Kevin's brother Rodney and his wonderful wife Denisha and their kids Bentley, Paisley, and Copper.  Copper is just 2 months older than Kaylee.  Kaylee loves to play with these girls and it is a shame that they couldn't follow us to San Diego.
I love this picture of Grandma Jayne and Kaylee!  They are best buds.  We will miss her as well as Grandpa Sproul. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kaylee's Birthday Party #1- Lexington

So Kaylee was turning 2 days after we left Lexington so before we left Kentucky we through a small birthday party for her.  It worked out really well. I am so grateful that my brother in law Rodney and his beautiful wife Denisha let us use their new house to have the party.  I am also grateful for our wonderful friends the Russell and The (future) Hiens who traveled and hour plus out of their way to attend!  The Russells brought their cute cute cute twins.  They were only 2 1/2 months old.  I'm glad the trip went well.  Anyway, I will let more pictures do the talking.

 Prepping for the party.  LOL Malcolm has many fans amoung his cousins.  Paisley and Copper loved playing with him and he enjoyed it too!
 Kevin "prepping" haha  Ok he really did A LOT that day and he needed this sit down.  :-)

 The first part of the party was spent playing with the parachut.  We debated hiring someone to come and do this but considering our situation, Kevin bought a parachut which was like $15 and he did a great job leading with kids music in the back round. (PS-PHOTO BOMB)

 Kaylee enjoyed herself a lot.  I think she loved all the commotion of the activity and watching her older cousins run and play.
 We had some adult helpers!!  Thanks Josh and Kinsey!

 Paisley!!  :-)
 Bentley!! :-)
 Paisley running under
 Bentley running under
 Kaylee had a fun time just playing with all of their toys too!  I bet the girls have so much fun down in the basement!
 Malcolm fell asleep which was hilarious!
 Kaylee loved the little toy roller coaster they had. 

 These are the cupcakes I made for her party!!  The cake part is bottom: brownie top: white cake (I wanted carmal but we couldn't find it.  I swear I have seen caramel cake mix!) The frosting is pudding frosting.  THANK YOU PINTEREST!
 Kaylee blowing out the candles!
 Kaylee and all her presents!  She got spoiled!
 Most everyone at the party!  Look how lucky we are!

 Family picture!  Thanks to Denisha for capturing this cute shot of us in celebration of out Kaylee girl!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kelly Farms Cornmaze

 One of the last things we got to do while out in Lexington, KY was go to the cornmaze at Kelly Farms.  It was really fun!  We went early so we all could spend time with Kaylee playing with all the things they had there for kids.  (Above is Kevin and Grandma Jayne (his mom) ready to bring Kaylee into the farm place.
 They had swings shaped like horses.  She liked those.
 Ok so she really isn't drugged despite popular belief HAHA  But the swings are pretty cool huh!

Oh ps-there are a ton of pictures in this post.
They had this huge slide on top of a huge pile of hay.  It was REALLY fun!  Kaylee liked it too.  At first we didn't know we could go on it, so the first time Kaylee went down all by herself.  It was pretty funny.  She is pretty brave.

 Kaylee and I are about to take the plunge.  Her second time my first.  It was pretty amazing.
 She also got to feed the goats.
 Kaylee loves anything she can walk through.  Who doesn't

 They had a kid maz as well as a "big kid" maze.  It was cute and small and Kaylee had fun.

 Grandma Jayne pushing Malcolm in the stroller.  He slept basically the whole time. 

 Kevin and Kaylee learned a little about rope and how to put in on a bull's head!  She was pretty proud of herself.

 Our family minus sleeping Malcolm.  So fun.

 Kisses!!!  I love our family!!

 Kaylee has certainly been Grandma's little buddy!  It was fun to be able to stay with them in September.  Later Grandma brought the kids home and put them to bed while Kevin brought me into my first cornmaze!!!  SO fun.  We got funnell cakes after and then we headed home.  Great night!
Kaylee's favorite part.  Over everything else was the racing ducks.  Yep she played with these babies most of the time and came home drenched!!

 Above- Grandma and Kaylee, Below, Kevin and Kaylee!