Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oahu- Part 2 PCC

 My favorite part of the trip and I am really sad that I couldn't go again, was the Polynesian cultural center.  Travel tip, go to the PCC at the beginning of your trip, the ticket is good for 7 days for the main area (not the show).  So if you don't make it to one or more of the villages, you can come back the next day.  We didn't have time the next day which was our last day in Oahu.  I LOVED Oahu and everything about the PCC.
In the New Zealand area they had games to play and I must say Kevin and I rocked it.
Some of our group in the New Zealand area.
This was a really cool village.  They were really intense.  I liked it!
Claudia and Julio with their fake tattoos they got on their faces!  When in "Hawaii" right?
I got a temp tattoo on my ankle.  I wished it to be real but it washed off anyway.  Haha
They had this water parade type thing with all the islands doing dances on a little raft.  Way cool!  I think that is Samoa. 
Kevin and Kaylee.  Notice that Kevin got a face tattoo too.  It was all the rage.
Kevin did a lot of the throwing games in I think Tahiti.  I want to go there someday I think.
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!!
At the Luau!!  It was so tasty!  I highly recommend the PCC Luau.

They danced while we were eating.  It was awesome. It really created a fun atmosphere.  There were even kids!
Mal loved the Taro rools and I don't blame him.  They were were purple pillows of joy to eat.  YUM!
Kaylee had so much fun watching the dancers and she even did some dancing herself!!
Claudia and Julio posing by the fun statues!!
Then we did it.  Kevin would have wanted me to post the one with both our tongues out but I am copying the statue.
The show was SO SO SO good.  I loved it and so did the kids.  Malcolm loved it so much he passed out on grandpa.

Kaylee with one of the dancers.  She seriously had a great time.  Poor girl was a little sick the whole day and you can't tell by the pictures.  So cute!!
Hawaii hair!!

Hawaii- Oahu- Part 1

Across the street from our rental house
I was waiting to get more pictures from other people but I've waited long enough.  Time to blog Hawaii style.  It was a 2 week long trip so I broke it into parts.  We had a great time and got some good pictures.

While in Oahu we got to go visit pale, I think I spelled that wrong it is pronounced paulie.  Like the bird.  But it is Hawaiian so it is spelt differently.  It is this huge cliff type thing and it is REALLY windy.  I wish we brought jackets.  But it was really cool seeing such an awesome view and watching the kids enjoy the wind.  They love it. 

I took the above picture because there are chickens like EVERYWHERE!  Oh my gosh it was hilarious and awesome!  Here there are also some chicks!  They just roam free.
We also visited Teddy's burgers which was yummy.
Oahu was awesome enough to have this thing called SAND!  Which is very helpful when you bring kids to Hawaii.  Malcolm and Kaylee had a wonderful time in the sand.
Me and my buddy chillaxing at the beach!
Kaylee loved to cuddle with her Aunt Claudia and Uncle Julio.  It was so cute!  I'm so glad they share a special bond!
Ok let me tell you about our room.  All of us (13 of us in the first island) stayed in a house rental.  This first room we got was amazing!  It was huge!  We had the best bedroom in the house and there was a little kitchenette which was a little room to the side with no door but had a crib and a pack n play in it so Kaylee got the crib and Mal got the pack n play.  Doesn't Mal look so cute napping?  I had to capture the cute!
So for breakfast one morning we went to the famous Hukilau cafe!  We found it watching Man vs Food and it was VERY tasty!!  It was also the inspiration behind the movie 50 first dates.  Which I love.
The crew minus Chris Smith who is taking the picture!  Thank you Claudia, Julio, and Chris for coming with us!  Made us happy!
Even though we were in Hawaii, it is 3 hours behind San Diego time so the kids woke up at 4am every morning and then everyone else got take naps while we had to stay awake and watch kids.  You can't really nap where the kids are napping because somehow they know and decide everyone's nap is over.  So we were REALLY tired.  Plus some people decided kids don't get to nap and we had to drag them around which mean no one gets naps, except everyone else in the house.  Ok vent over, we were tired.  VERY tired.
On the sunday we got to go to the church right next to the Hawaii temple.  It was amazing.  There was two people leaving on their missions.

The view from the temple doors.  It goes strait out to the ocean.  No matter where you look the view is beatiful.  Maybe next time we will have time to go in.
Another cuddle session.  :-) Love