Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome Kaylee Jayne Sproul

This is the first picture taken of our sweet daughter Kaylee Jayne Sproul, Born 10-10-10 at 5:27pm, 8 lbs 3 oz, 21 in long.  She is just over 2 weeks old and now we couldn't love her more!

Here are some pictures from the hospital.  I will post more when I have more time.
 I got to 9 1/2 cenimeters dilated completely effaced when it stayed that way for 2 1/2 hours and they then decided to go ahead and do a c-section.

 These pictures are a little out of order.  These two are of us taking her home.  We spent a total of 5 days in the hospital including labor.

 This is me after the epidural!!  LOVE IT!!!  I took the best nap while I was in labor because of it.

WELCOME KAYLEE!!!!  She is amazing!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

38 week check up and WAITING!

So I promised a sneak peek of the nursery and I was able to get a little video of it.  Of course I will be taking out all the stuffed animals from the crib when I actually put her in it, I just have them there right now.  But here it is:

I had a doctors appointment last Wednesday went well.  I gained 4 pounds apparently and so I am up to 19 lbs.  Still not bad, still over my goal, but that is ok.  I am now 4 centimeters dilated.  I keep forgetting to ask if I am effaced at all.  But literally I could go into labor anytime.  We are REALLY hoping for tonight/tomorrow since 10-10-10 would be awesome.  But I have no clue.  I really just want her out.  I want to meet her. He gave us a packet with all my pregnancy info to give to the people at the hospital for nights and weekends especially since it is harder to get that information after office hours, and seemed optimistic that I won't make it to my next appointment.  Kevin and I are already starting the mass walking and eating spicy food!  The nursery is done and the apartment looks pretty dang good!  Kevin cleaned for me this last week and we've been able to maintain it.  So the wait is on.  I am officially a ticking time bomb.  Can't wait to become a family of three. 

Last weekend Kevin and I had a weekend of Kevin and Cindy time where we just relaxed and played card games, watched movies, and ate good food.  I believe we also went on a date to the new Chinese place we love called Yummy Wok off of Blankenbaker road.  YUM!  It was our way to have a "last weekend" as just us.  It was a great weekend.

This last week we also had a smoothie party to kick off becoming distributers of Juice Plus.  I believe I have mentioned that we started taking it before, but after talking to our friend Monica about it, and considering how much we have grown to believe in it, we decided to go ahead and become distributers.  Here is out website:

Hopefully my next blog will be a baby announcement, only time will tell!

Friday, October 1, 2010

37 Weeks=Full Term!

Last Wednesday I had my 37 week doctors appointment.  I lost 2 pounds, which the doctor didn't seem concerned about.  That puts me to 15 pounds gained which is my goal.  He did a group strep test which we will get the results for next week.  Also he did a cervical exam and I am indeed 2-3 centimeters dilated!!  He said that I could either still be 2-3 next week or I could be calling him this weekend.  So anytime now!  However I am not expecting to go into labor before the next appointment.  I have had more contractions.  This morning I was woken up by a contraction at about 7:05am but they stopped shortly after Kevin's alarm went off at 7:20am.  Since then I have been feeling great and getting so much done!  I haven't felt this good in awhile actually.  At the moment I don't even feel 37 weeks pregnant!  Unlike yesterday where I was almost in tears sick of being pregnant.  Kevin is being just wonderful and taking care of me and seems as prepared as can be for the big day.

Talking about being prepared, we have the nursery complete!  I'm sure I am forgetting something and maybe I need more of some things, but I won't find out until after little Kaylee is born.  Pictures will be coming soon I'm sure.  I want to do a video tour but we will see if I have time for all that.  Thanks for all the love and support!  We will keep you posted!