Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little August

 Some BIG things happened in August.  But I wanted to share a couple of semi little things before I go on.  Above is a picture of I think 5th cousins together.  My 4th cousin came over with her kids to visit us on their vacation.  At least I think that number is right.  But her kids had fun playing with Kaylee out in the backyard. 
Above is a picture we took going to support the Staump music school performing up in LA at the Whiskey a go go.  It was really fun!
Above is just a day where Kaylee wore princess jammies and a crown.  She is so cute!
Above is Malcolm after we performed in the choir 12 week concert (classes last 12 weeks and end with a concert)  He looked adorable.
Back to whiskey a go go, here is my beautiful cousin Maria playing an original song.  She is so talented and I'm very proud of all the work she does there at the music school.
I finally looked up story times at the Library and we have mainly stuck to a habit of going every Tuesday.  Its during Mal's naptime so he gets a little grumpy by the end.  But they LOVE it.  Kaylee gives me a hug after every song.
After story time they get to play with toys.  They enjoy that but that is also when he gets grumpy.
Above is just outdoor fun.  Below is Kaylee's first time in the boucy house at Sea World's bay of play.

With this picture I would have to say THE END.  Haha I had him go diaperless because of a diaper rash and luckily it was summer and I set up the sprinkler pool thing in the backyard.  Love the baby wedgie.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oahu part 3 and The Big Island

The last day we went to Pearl Harbor.  We didn't know they had a stand by line to get into the movie and tour the memorial or we would have gone there first so we just went and looked around which was still REALLY cool.  Heads up, they don't allow bags.  Even purses and diaper bags.  So bring a hip pouch for your money and stuff.  It is a really cool place to go.  Need to go back.

My dad was really excited to go and I'm glad we went.  I wish we could have stayed longer.

The above is Malcolm on our last day of Oahu playing with Grandpa's cane.  He looked so cute with it!
We arive at the big island and this is our backyard.  LOVE!
They even had a toy for Malcolm to play with.  He was a little too old for it but not old enough where is wasn't fun anymore.  He enjoyed himself.
Another view of the backyard and below is Kaylee posing with it.

Malcolm and I at the Steam vents and the National Volcano Park
Kevin and the kids at the steam vents
A beatuiful view at the volcano.  All of the black parts are lava.
Kaylee in the lava tubes
Kevin and I took a picture by the cool vegetation they had around the volcano.  It was SO pretty.

Kevin's phone showed the location and we thought it was funny.  We were on a volcano, so there you go.
This was really cool.  We went to the top of the volcano at night and it looked so cool!!!
I wish I had more pictures of this day even though it wasn't my favorite day.  We got to go to the Hilo farmers market which I highly suggest.  But Kevin couldn't go because he got salmonella probably or had some stomach digestive bug.  He would have loved this.  For lunch we went to a cool Thai place across the street from the farmers market.  Kaylee and I had the yellow curry.  It was SO good.  I even tried the green papaya salad!  It was all good.
After the farmers market we went to the mac nut farm and it was awesome.  Because it was Saturday they didn't have the factory open, but we still got to see it and go to the store.  Above it mac nut kisses.  My favorite thing there and I wish I got like 2 more bags than I did was chocolate toffee mac nuts.  By the way if you don't know what I'm saying when I say mac nut, I don't know how to spell macademia nut.  :-)  After shopping we got mac nut chocolate ice cream.  Kaylee and I shared.

At the end there was a "tropical storm" that actually hit Maui more than us.  We got all prepared for this big storm headed right toward us and made a turn.  In reality I'm thankful, but part of me was excited.  Also our freezer broke and they couldn't fix it until after we left.  Erg.  It was fun.  Next time I'm not bringing kids or 12 people.  But we had a lot of fun.