Saturday, November 30, 2013

October 2013

I will make one seperate post documenting Kaylee's Birthday.  But I wanted to get the gist of October in one post.  Here it goes!
 Here is a good before pic before (as seen a few picture below) Kevin cut Malcolm's hair.  He is just so cute.
 I made this.  It was amazing.  It was pesto chicken and pasta in this creamy tomato sauce (that also has pesto in it)  Seriously, I impressed myself.  Being able to cook well has made my life so much better, and others of course.  I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this dish was good. 
 The Love.  Seriously.  This happens on occasion.  He loves me dearly and I love that about him.  Most of the time.  Sometimes I feel bad because I have to do something else and he misses me so much.  But I miss him too so it works out.
 Here it is.  See we were going for a mohawk.  So I made him a little ponytail and Kevin cut around it.  He did REALLY good.  Unlike when I brought him to a salon.  This was free too.  Kevin might just be out new hair guy.

 This was the best after shot I got.  He was squirmy.  The hair in the middle was too long to spike.  So we later cut it a bit shorter, well a little too short to tell it was a mohawk.  But it's ok.  This dude looks cute in every hair style.
 Kaylee and I being awesome.  Look at that smile!  I love when she is happy!!
 My kids love apples.  They adore bananas but they love apples too.  Look at this man chomping down!!
They seriously kill me with cuteness everyday.  Kaylee is wearing my Grandma Genie's old sweater because she was chilly and I think she is enjoying her potty treat of ipad time.  :-)  Malcolm got to join in the fun.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

September 2013

 Going month to month again to catch up!  But here is September.  Above is a date night with Kevin and I.  We are awesome.
 This never happens.  Kaylee fell asleep in my arms.  Look at those locks!
 We put on capes and had a dance party one day.  It was awesome.
 I don't remember why he was cuddled up in my arms.  This happens often.  He is just so cute and cuddly!
 This was a good part of a bad day at the park.  After this they started getting bullied by a brother sister duo from hades and the mom did little to nothing so we left.  But this is a good moment.
 I love how he is using this frog as a seat.  I mean it does feel like a bean bag chair.  Why not?
 Does this get any cuter?  They are holding HANDS!!!!!

 Kaylee thinks this character from Sae World is her.  Natuarally I had to get a picture of the two Kaylees together.
 Above is a picture showing we got to go to Sea World with Claudia.  It was SUCH a fun day.  I loved it.  I'm so grateful I live in the same city as this girl and that she is so involved with my kids.  Such a wonderful sister and aunt!
 We also got to go to Sea World as a whole family (this never happens) one day and it was amazing and crowded.  We went on the first weekend of trick or treating.
 Again with the cute.  I'm sorry my kids really are the cutest in the world.  This picture was not posed.  It just happened and I grabbed my camera!
 And THIS is why my kids are amazing.  I teach them young how to show their gratitude for their mama.  Haha they loved it.
 Jamba Juice.  Yum.
 We also made it in the pool one last time before the sun stops heating up our water.

Claudia and Julios Wedding Part 2

 Look how beautiful this couple is.  I mean really, just look at them!!  The crazy thing is that these two people are even more beautiful inside than they are on the outside.  Which says something, because they are pretty dang good lookin!  Above picture was taken by Claudia's sister in law Lindsey who may I say did a wonderful job on their pictures.  The below picture I stole from Claudia's facebook but I thought they both looked wonderful in it.  Claudia is standing with one of her best friend's Arleen who was one of the bridesmaids and even planned the rehearsal dinner the night before which was very yummy.

 Here is Malcolm and I!  Isn't he so adorable?!  I mean really, he pulls at heartstrings.
 Looks like the above picture (sorry a lot of these are off my phone)  is Claudia's friend Joey giving a speech.  It is also I good one of Kaylee's dress.  My mom made it and it looks amazing.  Go mom!
 Here is a good room shot and Kevin is at the mic.  Bella and Kaylee (the flower girls) are on the dance floor.
 The above picture is the cake table with cake of course.  Julio's sister Dulce made it.  She is a pastry chef and her name is perfect for her job.  For all those who don't speak Spanish it means sweet. 
 Speeches from the couple before they cut the cake YUM!
 Here is a lovely picture of Malcolm busting a move on the dance floor!!
 How cute is this?  It seems little girls at weddings love to make a dance circle to spin about.  I love it!  Kaylee was so happy and had SO much fun.
Photo bomb much my Kevin man?  We got to bring them to their honeymoon spot in downtown San Diego.  We love them.  They are the best couple (besides us of course) and they are truly best friends.  We are so happy to have Julio officially part of the family. LOVE YOU GUYS!

A visit from the Grandmas!

 In August we were visited by two of the best ladies we know!  Kevin's mom and her mom Grandma Burroughs.  We had a wonderful time going to Sea World, the beach and just being around each other.  I'm so grateful for the example and sweetness of these two ladies.  Obviously both kids had a great time.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

 At the Pets Rule Show they spray a tiny bit of water from a sprinkler and Malcolm hates it.  He took comfort in Grandma here.

 Kaylee wanted a picture with them both in one penguin body!!  lol HA  she makes me laugh!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Claudia and Julio get married!!! Part 1

They did it!  On August 9, 2-13, my little sister got married to the love of her life Julio Leon.  It was beautiful! Claudia slept over in my bed the night before and my husband slept over with Julio and here is their last kiss before they are pronounced man and wife!

Here the the during on Claudia getting her make up done!  She is SO pretty already!
This is the during picture of Claudia getting her hair done.  It reminded us of an 80s pop star giving her hair with the pants!!  HAHA  So fun!!
Here is the bride in the dressing room ready to go marry her best friend.  Being her Matronita (Matron sounds old to me) of honor was truly an honor and she was an absolutely perfect bride!

Claudia's Batchloette Party

I was Claudia's maid of honor so I had a two parter batchlorette party.  First we had fun doing a pole fitness class.  So fun and I was so sore the next day.
After we went out for breakfast at the broken yolk.  I had Eggs Benedict and it was yummy!

And we may have taken a few fun pictures after we ate!!  Oh and if you scroll to the first picture they were giving away free chocolate muffins.  Bonus!

The second part of the party was at San Diego's LIPS!  It is seriously one of my favorite places because I have this love for drag queens that I can't explain.  Maybe it's their sass, maybe it's the magic of how they somehow really look like tall women, but I love it.  The show was funny.  They brought Claudia on stage.  All around a great time.
Claudia's two friends Joey and Keith were the only boys allowed

Above is our server.  She was super nice!
The table and our dishes.  It was VERY tasty. 

The above picture is my favorite picture!  She was laughing because the drag queen (Cher) was making fun of her. 

There she is.  Cher herself, well sort of.  She reminded me a lot of my friend Chris.  He was a drag queen out in Louisville, although I have never seen him perform.  We worked together.  Anyway, It was a fun night and I think Claudia had fun too!