Friday, August 14, 2015

July 2015

This was such a fun day.  One of Kaylee's best friends Raegan Gess had a birthday!!  We went to this bay.  Now I forgot the name of ir but it was awesome.  The nice thing about Bays is that it is still shallow water.  Kaylee didn't need floaties and Malcolm didn't need them much either.  I just watched REALLY hard and he never got in trouble.  He mainly played in the sand.
Kaylee and Raegan
Mermaid Tails

Making birthday smores

4th of July was SO fun.  Here we are at the ward 4th of July pancake breakfast!

Then we got to Claudia and Julio's for their Happy Birthday America/Julio celebration

I mad Red white and "Ju" cupcakes!! I loved how they turned out.  
Malcolm asleep is so cute!!  I had to wake him up and I wasn't happy I had to do that.

This is Kaylee and Malcolm having a dragon tea party
Sea World again.  I explained to them how these art pieces were made from trash that had been washed up on shore at the beach.  They wanted a picture.
My favorite show, Circ De La Mer!  Only shows during the summer at Sea World.
They added a drummer this year.
On Abby's Sea Start Spin.  Basically Sea World version of tea cups.
They got all tired out.
Soooooo, Kaylee fell out of bed and hit her head on a table that was only up because I had the humidifier in the room to help with Malcolm's croup. I freaked out and almost went to the ER.  She now has a toddler rail on her bed to prevent further falling out of bed.
I had a girls night with Claudia and Maria and I made this. Smores Pie.  It was pretty good! And pretty.
Kaylee had a tea party party (without the tea) and Kevin made a coconut pie.
Mal and I were excited out having friends over.
Kevin and I got to go out on a double date with one of my best friends.  They treated us to S&M Sausage and Meats Restaurant.  It was AMAZING! So good I didn't take pictures, I just ate food.

Then we took them to dessert at the place.  Yum!

Myu parents watched the kids and the next morning my mom made pancakes for me and the kids.  I get spoiled sometimes! :-)
The kids and I went to Walmart and the greeter gave us all stickers making sure the dog was faced the correct way when you looked at him. 
This day was fun.  With some challenges. We signed up to volunteer at the Rubios beach clean up in Oceanside.  It was raining the whole time basically.  But it was fun and we got free food the whole time.
This was one of those day Kaylee was fantastic and Malcolm was being a weenie.  But she had fun.

My mom and dad went with me to Sea World because they were having some awesome singers performing.  This is the only picture I got.
We did so many fun things in July.  We got to go to the Imagine Dragons concert!!!  It was amazing!  It is nearly impossible to get good pictures at concerts.  But I tried anyway.

The above picture is from going to the beach with my mom.  We learned that when you forget floaties, beach going can be a little scary with confident kids, but everyone was fine.  We stayed by their side the whole time and encouraged sand play.
We went to Sea World It was the Fillharmonics!  SO good!
Malcolm loved the FIllharmonics SO much, he fell asleep.
Pioneer Day!

Then we went to Kaylee's friend Taylor's just because pool party!

Popsicle pictures!
The baby fell asleep on me!!  I love babies.  

Camping at Laguna Campgrounds.  It was SO fun except the pit toilets...yuck

We had so much space and the trees were REALLY pretty

Malcolm in the tent.  Kevin couldn't go to this one so it was just me and the kids in the tent.
This is how I got sunburned at camp
Kaylee and Mal played in the dirt.  Just strengthening their immune system.

And this is how they cleaned off and took a bath.  The showers were lava hot so I knew this was the only way.

We hiked around and found rocks to climb on!

Malcolm chilling out at Camp. hahaha
Malcolm trying to nap
Malcolm napping
I escaped!!
This is a really funny story.  We were all eating smores and we turned around and Kaylee was asleep!!  She then woke up and immediately continued to eat her smore (which I didn't notice she still had in her hand when I took this picture)  We asked her how was her nap and she aid that she didn't sleep.  So I showed her the pictures I took and she was shocked.  It was hilarious!!

Malcolm earned some swim time at Grandma's.  He was SO happy to go swim.