Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 23!

Yay! So the picture above was taken today at 23 weeks and 2 days. I'm getting BIG! Of course I didn't realize that I am standing in front of a black bookcase with a black shirt but if you really look you can tell I'm getting big. I only gained 3 pounds this month which makes me even with the weight gain and loss. So now I am just going to gain more weight! Woo ... Haha at least I have a good reason now. She is still looking healthy. We were able to see her heart beating! With all of it. Valves? I'm not a medical pro. But it was really cool. This time if we didn't know the gender we would have no problem seeing it this time. But the parts we did need to see, the heart and diaphragm she was being stubborn on. But we got what we needed. It is getting more and more exciting! More and more real too.

Today was my last day of work!!! YES!!!! My feet are done with working. Now I get to do a lot of preparing for our little girl to arrive! There is a lot to do. As you can probably tell in that picture I have been doing some organizing and such. But the real work in the preparations is ahead as we will get more things and have to clear out most of the second bedroom and fill our own room more in strategic ways. Fun!
Above is my favorite ultrasound we got this last appointment. It is like she is saying Cowabunga dude!!

Here is our baby's little face! Think she looks like a Kaylee Jayne Sproul yet? I sure hope so because finding secondary names is hard! I'm sure she will look a lot cuter in October! My next appointment is the one where I drink that drink and then have my appointment and then go down and have some gestational diabetes test. Just routine. They said that I would probably already be showing signs if I had it. But yea, sounds....yummy? We'll see. I've heard both ways. Luckily the appointment is in the morning so I don't have to worry about fasting during the day. Just when I sleep. :-) This is getting really exciting.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Someone's got The Palsey

So when Kevin got home from San Diego he noticed that he had a cold. Then he started to notice that half of his face is numb. Turns out he has Bells Palsy and has to take Steroids. Not only that but because half of his face is numb he can't use his right eye like he would like. So the poor guy is feeling sick and feels a connection both to Johnny Depp and Silvester Stallone. I think it is cute. But we did get a few request for some posts. The above picture is his normal smile and the below is him opening his mouth wide.

San Diego Trip 2010

Welcome Home Elder Connors! As some of you know, my brother Charlie spent the last two years in Dallas, TX serving a Spanish speaking LDS mission. He did a great job out there. I was really impressed with his letters and more impressed with the Charlie that came home! He is so good at talking to people and really respectful of others and he likes real food now! He cooks it too! He is truly an awesome brother and a really good person. He has a great knowledge of the gospel. I'm glad the little guy is home. Charlie coming home was the #1 reason Kevin and I made the trip out to San Diego. We were also able to see a lot of my family.
Here is Kevin waiting for the rest of us to get ready. Probably to go to one of the many "events" we had planned. I arrived on Tuesday May 25th, Kevin and Charlie arrived the 26th. Then Thursday we had family pictures done at the beach, Friday we had a wonderful afternoon with Grandma Melba, and then we had Missionary weekend full of friends and family. Charlie gave an excellent talk at church that had Claudia (my sister) and I crying a bit. He is a sweet guy. It was cool to have Kevin and Charlie together again to get to know each other a bit since Kevin met Charlie at his farewell and while Charlie has been in Dallas, Kevin and I have gotten engaged, gotten married and gotten pregnant, twice. So now Charlie has a new brother in law which is awesome since he doesn't have any brothers.
The week after Kevin went back to Kentucky I had a really good time mostly with my siblings. I got to go to the San Diego Zoo with Claudia and Charlie and my long time friend Yvonne, her husband Eli and her two girls Destiny and Marbella. It was REALLY fun. It was nice to see them again and meet their two girls. I also got to see my friends Amanda aka Manda and Michael Diaz! I love them! One of the funniest days I think was Friday where I got to hang out with Claudia all day. We went to Sea Port Village and I got Kevin a Fathers Day gift. It is a big mug that says, "New Daddy, Get ready for your world to be rattled" :-) Then Claudia took me to lunch at The Blue Pearl a restaurant at one of the hotels she works at. She is a massage therapist (REALLY good one too by the way) and goes to all different hotels to do massages. This place was SO good. Good prices, and the best hotel food I've ever had. SO delicious. After that we went to Mission Beach and got ice cream cones and walked and talked. We laughed a lot! I cried from laughing so hard!

On Saturday my mom and my friends Anne Marie and Kathy Mercurio through me a wonderful baby shower! To the right is a picture of some candy bars they handed out. Really cute!

To the left is the dessert table. The cupcake cake has chocolate cupcakes with baby faces on it made out of vanilla wafers dipped in melted frosting which was DELISH!!!! They did such a good job and it was really sweet of them to get everything together. There will be a Louisville shower too, but my family back home really wanted to be part of this joyous occasion. This will be the first grandbaby on my side of the family and the 4th granddaughter on Kevin's side. Kevin and I are very loved! Thank you to my San Diego friends and family who love our little family!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a Girl!

Sorry that it has been two weeks to let my blog readers know the news that we are indeed having a girl!

I took this picture with Kevin's phone so unfortunately I got my finger shadow in the picture. Here is a profile picture of our little girl!