Monday, January 31, 2011

Daddy and Daughter Bond

So everyone knows that there is a special bond between a dad and his daughter.  Kaylee is truly Daddy's girl.  I love the little conversations they have together and how she lights up when he comes home from work.  Kevin is a really good dad.

This one above is Kevin and Kaylee between 2 and 3 months old. She also discovered her feet in the video. I love the end of this video!

The above video is one that was taken shortly after she did her first big laugh.  Obviously I was trying to get the cute laughter, but missed it by a second.  It is still really cute!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Recently

I know I have posted a lot of pictures from my phone (which I'm sure is the most interesting part of my blog anyway ha ha)  but I thought I would update on how things have gone lately.  Kevin and I have been very happy being parents.  After you get passed the beginning of not knowing what you are doing, things get better and Kaylee gets happier and happier everyday!  Kevin and I had our 2nd wedding anniversary on December 27th.  We tried going to Ryan's Buffet, because we had a good coupon, it was ok, but we had fun being together and celebrating 2 years of pure joy.  So much has happened in the last two years that it seems like we have been together much longer.

Kaylee has continued to sleep through the night which makes us happy.  Also she is getting a lot better at tummy time and holding up her head.  She makes a lot of talking noises.  She even gave me more of a laugh today with squeaks and everything!  She can roll over from belly to back and sometimes does a half role from back to side.  I'm so proud of everything she does.  Oh her bouncer she has some toys that hang down.  She has been batting them around for awhile and now it grabbing them.  She is REALLY close to pulling the bannana in the middle which will start music playing if she does.We love our Kaylee so much and I can't believe she is already 3 months old!

 This is her half role I was talking about.  I actually basically made this play gym from parts from 3 other play gyms.  She LOVES it!  She also enjoys sucking on all fingers except her thumb.  We give her the Binky as much as possible which she also enjoys.
 Kaylee after a bath in her robe.  Such a cutie! 
Kaylee has also started holding her own bottle.  We give her a bottle a day because I want her to be able to be babysat and it makes it easier to give her her vitamins.  Such a proud moment!  My little girl is growing up so fast!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

watching the game!

She doesn't want her toys right now shes watching daddy play basketball