Thursday, September 4, 2014

July 2014

 So here is the rest of July.  I love the above picture.  It reminds me that she does have good days and loves me.  I love her so much.
 More Pool.  This pool lasted us 2 whole seasons!  I can't believe it!
 Swimming in the pool tires us out can you tell?  I love when Grandma gets cuddles.

 We also went to the zoo.  Kaylee's face HAHAHAHA  Love them both!
 Kevin and I went golfing for the very first time!!  Ok My first time he owns those clubs.  Which means he has gone many times before.  He rocked it and so did I for my first time!  I got a groupon and it came with a burger!

 Then.....I got sick.  Kaylee is giving me cuddles here.  This was the week I was sick with probably the flu.  Fever symptoms and a sor throat then coughing and sinus issues.  The cough lasted for weeks and I JUST got my voice back.  By voice, I mean my singing voice.  I have worked so hard to get a higher range and it was gone until about 2 weeks ago.  I noticed that it was back at church.  Thank goodness for Hymns!
 So the rest of the family had fun.  I sat out for these activities!  Above and below if fun at Claudia and Julio's pool!

 We went to grandma and grandpa's a lot that week so that they could play outside and not feel so closed in while I was sick. 
 Then it was a day that I was looking forward to.  The stake Pioneer Day party!  Yea I didn't get to go because I was STILL sick.  Kaylee didn't get to go because she was screaming at us and not listening, so it was a Father/Son date.  Malcolm had SO much fun!!

 His first pony ride which I was SO SO SO sad I missed!!  BUt very thankful he had fun and that Grandpa got to be with him.  SO cute!

 Malcolm is really into building things and stacking things lately.  These are car garages but he uses them like blocks.  I have to say this ISN'T easy.  I have tried.
 This is my beautiful cousin playing guitar at the beach.  I love her!  I am so grateful that she is in a better and happier place in her life and I get to enjoy her presence more!
So even though July was full of sickness (Kevin got sick soon after me!) it was a good month!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Utah Trip 2014 Part 1

We were very excited to go visit our family in Utah.  We spent a week there and we loved every minute.  I will keep it mostly pictures so it isn't TOO long.  It was a fun trip.  On the way up we broke it up into 2 trips.  We stopped in St. George.  I REALLY wish we decided to stop sooner.  But unknown to us there would be about 4 hours extra traffic before and after Baker, CA.  It was terrible and we were SO tired when we finally got there.  The next day we babysat the nephews and it was SO much fun seeing how big they both are!
My nephew Benji!!  He is adorable.  I love his face.

We got to go to Cafe Rio on the very first day and it was YUMMY!!!
This was how most of our nights were spent.  Watching the kids get all wet and dirty in the pool and sandbox.  The slide was a really fun thing to see them do.

We also watched movies.  Like the Lego Movie which was a huge hit and was watched multiple times....
Malcolm did a good job of leting me know when he was ready for a nap and would climb up on me and just fall asleep.  I was very grateful as he NEVER does this at home.

We got to go hike at Bridal Vale Falls with my brother that Monday.  :-)

After lunch we started getting ready for the 4th of July!  Kevin had a great time picking out fireworks. 
Then we went on the Heber Creeper for Cami's birthday.  It was REALLY fun going on the train and seeing the lake and stuff there in Heber.  The kids liked it when we would get up and walk on the train.
Especially Malcolm.  I love the cute pictures I got on the train.

For a little bit we had no kids with us and it turned into a mini mini date!
Kaylee is always attached to Grandma Sproul when she is around.

Uncle Allen and Aunt Britney are the coolest!
After we had fun watching the train move and climbing on the trees.I thought I had more picture of this.  But anyway that was the June part of our trip.  I will re-post the July one with words.  I accidentally posted that without writing anything and I didn't know how to unpost it if that makes sense.  :-)