Friday, October 28, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Here is a couple pics we took of Kaylee at our ward's Trunk or Treat.  Kevin and I have never been to one before and we were not disappointed!  It was SO fun!  Kaylee got some good stuff.  Her favorite is the goldfish that she got from Hal and Paula Robinson, one of the best couples in the world!  She loves her some goldfish!  Anyway, look at this tasty treat!!  LOL

 At home getting ready!
In the parking lot ready to go!  Unfortunately these are the only 2 clear pictures we got but we are doing the Halloween thing on Monday too so hopefully I get better pictures there!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

12 weeks

Just a quick update on this little one's progress.  Still feeling sick.  Still taking the Zofran.  Which is doing it's job.  Still tired.  But it is all worth it and I am almost to the 2nd trimester which is total madness!  This is going MUCH faster than it was with Kaylee!  I had an appointment today.  (Thank you Anna for watching my Kaylee girl!)

Dr. Nett said that everything looked great.  There was a great heartbeat on the doppler.  There is one hiccup in the mix now.  They found Group Beta Strep in one of the tests done.  Not a big deal and the doctor told me not to get worried and everything will be fine.  This just means that I will need to have an IV of antibiotics during labor.  Like I said a hiccup in my plan.  I made the next 2 appointments.  The big appointment where I find out the gender will be at 21 1/2 weeks on December 30th.  Soon after my return from San Diego. 

Here is a picture Kev took of me today at 12 weeks 1 day.

Sometimes I forget I am pregnant.  Even though I don't feel great I forget.  Then look down or see the ultrasound on facebook, and say to myself, "Yep, this is happening!"  Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited.  It is just so sureal!

As for an update on Kaylee, how cute is she!  SO!  She is really starting to get moving on her walking.  She discovered that if she walks, she can more easily hold something in her hand.  This makes her a happy panda.  Tonight we had a sweet moment where I was reading her one of my personal favorites, "What was I scared of" by Dr. Seuss. (It is a good read if you haven't read it already)  toward the end of the book, she just kept looking up at me giving me a HUGE Kaylee grin.  My heart melted.  She fell right asleep hugging on her pooh bear her Aunt Claudia gave her and tucked under a pink blanket.  I sure have a great daughter.  She is going to be a great big sister.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kaylee's BIG NEWS present!

The last present Kaylee opened at her party was this:

You can click on it to enlarge it, but the shirt says, BIG SISTER!  That is right, sometime around May 8th, Kevin and I will be welcoming a new little bundle promoting Kaylee to the position of Big Sister!  We are very excited!  How have I been feeling?  Sick as a dog, without the vomit (so far).  I actually thought I needed my gallbladder out because I felt so bad with heartburn and all.  Then I decided to take a preg test before hand because the next test they were going to do I couldn't be pregnant or breast feeding.  The line showed up dark and clear right away.  So there you go!  After the initial 2 weeks of pure shock, we are extremely excited and can't wait to have a newborn in the house again. (Not looking forward to the exhaustion though)  :-)  Kaylee and baby #2 will be approx 19 months apart, so we get a month in between starting church nursery and having a newborn.  Not bad.  Here is the ultrasound we got at 8 weeks 3 days!

He/She measured 2 days small so my due date will stay the same!  For once!  I should find out the gender in December or January.  Either one is fine with us.  We are just hoping for healthy!  Here is the video of her opening the present.

Kaylee's First Birthday!

WOW!  It has been a whole year since Kaylee was cut out of me making Kevin and I parents! This year has been WONDERFUL!  Yes there was challenges, but those were nothing compared to the unexplainable joy that Kaylee has brought to our life.  Everything she does makes us proud!  A few weeks ago she started taking steps by herself and after spending 2 days with her friend James Feldman is doing her best at walking around more than crawling, so I would say she is an official walker!  She can also say a ton of words.  The doctor was VERY impressed.  To name a few she can say:

"Baaaa!" (As in what does a sheep say)

And probably more.  She will look at you and just start blabbing away!  It is SO funny.  I can't wait until I can understand what she says, because she really likes to talk.  At least to us.  She will talk to you once she warms up to you a bit.  It is hilarious.  She also gives "Nose Kisses" (Eskimo kisses), and then will kiss you on the cheek.  She gives hugs, high fives, and has the best laugh ever.  She loves the "I'm gonna get ya" game where you chase her down a hall or something.  She cracks up.

On her actual birthday we sang her Happy birthday, which she cried, she got to hear Geffery the Giraffe on the phone and Grandma Jayne on the phone.  My parents got to sing her Happy Birthday on skype where she cried and Mom and Dad got to eat Chinese :-)

Her party was the following Saturday.  We didn't invite a ton of people because I was stressed out as it was, and we live in an apartment.  So I'm sorry if anyone felt left out.  I really just wanted a small group.  That is what it was and it was for the most part perfect.  I just had some time management issues but it was fun.  Below is some pictures from her party and the video of her eating her cake.

 By my one decoration that I got made!  lol I think it was pretty cute!
 In the middle of eating her apple spice cupcake.  Isn't she so neat with it!  I barely had to clean her or the tray!!  I swear she liked it too!
 Opening presents!!  She loves all of her new toys and looks fantastic in her new outfit and shoes!
I made cupcakes!  With the help of my best friend Manda and Kevin.  They are pumpkin with butterscotch chips and some apple spice ones.  Cream cheese frosting and sprinkles on top!  YUM!

Now the video above is 10 min long but the best part is the beginning anyway.  Is it bad that her reaction to the birthday song makes me laugh, every time?  lol  She did enjoy it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our funny little Girl

I absolutely love being a stay at home mom!  I get to play with Kaylee all day and get things done around the house.  Ok, for the most part.  It is also a ton of work!  I love watching Kaylee grow up and seeing her new tricks.  She is currently taking steps in preparing to walk.  Chasing her around takes most of my energy and a lot of times when she naps, I slack.  But I have been doing my best in keeping our house semi-clean.  Anyhow, this picture was taken as she found this green ball and decided it was a chew toy.  She is either preparing to bite it or has just taken it out of her mouth!!  Talking about her mouth, she has 7 teeth now.  Three on top and four on the bottom.  I felt quite a lump yesterday where molars would go so that might be in the works soon as well.  Can you believe how big she is?  I love this little girl!!!  :-)