Friday, February 1, 2013

Claudia and Julio got engaged!

Being that my sister has been my best friend since BIRTH, I have long awaited this day!  December 23rd Julio proposed to my sister Claudia!  Seriously, so awesome.

I'm already loving every bit I get to help with the wedding!  Here is how i described the day on their website (I may embelish later):

Julio set up a romatic date at a hotel right by La Jolla Cove.  After arriving at their beautiful room, Julio told Claudia he had to do an errand before they went on a walk on the beach.  Not long after a knock came at the door.  Claudia opened it and found her brother in law Kevin with a ballon and the first line of the song "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney.  One of Claudia's favorite songs.  (Claudia had no clue what Julio was up to UNTIL she saw Kevin with the balloon and sign).  Kevin then led her to the next person her sister Cindy with her neice and nephew with balloons and signs.  Claudia was led from person to person both from her own life and Julio's life all with a balloon and a sign with the next lyric to the song.  The end of the line was her parents who gave her more balloons and lyrics.  Then they helped her over a small wall onto a small cliff overlooking the ocean.  The group of loved ones then starting singing the first verse of the song.  Julio then walked out through the group of people over the wall to the Claudia who was now holding a LOT of balloons, holding a sign that read: "WIll you be my Ellie? (Hint: Will you marry me?)" Claudia of course said "YES!" and there were many hugs and kisses!  Julio dropped to his knee and gave her the ring.  More hugs and kisses.  Everyone cheered and are so excited for the two love birds!
I am so excited to help with the wedding! So far it has been amazing and it just gets better! I love my sister and her future hubby!!


Charlie and Andrea's Wedding

So my little brother got married December 22nd, 2012!  Can you believe it?  That little middle schooler I left behind when I graduated High School somehow is married.  Is that legal?  I guess because it happened.  :-)  Charlie was married to his love Andrea in the morning at the San Diego temple.  It was a beautiful temple marriage and there was some people squirting some tears.  Kaylee was so cute as flower girl.  The curls only last half the day but she has curly hair with a cute sparkle headband and a handmade pink dress (made by my mom).  The dress is absolutley gorgeous!

Talking about dresses, Andrea looked beautiful too!  We are happy that she makes Charlie so happy and we are excited that she is in our family now!

The luncheon I would have to say was delish.  I made the soup and the pasta salad.  The sandwhiches were from the Grinder which was yummy.

The reception was also very beautiful.  THe dinner was yummy, the decorations were beautiful (handmade by the couple), the cake was both yummy and pretty, and it was just very fun.  :-)

Congrats to you both Charlie and Andrea!  I hope you guys find marriage to be a wonderful and happy adventure!

8 Months

Our Malcolm boy is 8 months old now!  He is moving around SO much now.  It is crazy the differences in Kaylee in Malcolm and when they hit milestones and what comes first!  Malcolm has 2 teeth now!  Talking about teeth, he is now switched to formula feeding.  My milk supply plummeted and he was just not interested in helping me get it back.  Plus he bites.  :-/  Good news though, we are approved for WIC so it won't be as expensive as it would be otherwise.  Malcolm says "Mama!"  He doesn't refer to ME as mama yet but hey, Kaylee said "Dada" first so this is a wonderful surprise!  He can basically crawl.  I mean he is close enough.  Army crawling, rocking back in forth in the crawling position and he often does yoga/downward facing dog!  HAHA  he remembers the move from the womb I guess when I did all that prenatal yoga.  :-)  I swear he actually crawls now and then.  But he is very mobile and we kind of love it.

Kaylee loves Malcolm.  To the point where she is super anxious to actually rough house and wrestle NOW.  I have to remind her all the time to be gentle.  She especially wants to give him higs and kisses all the time and declare, "I LOVE MALCOLM!" or Mal Mal.  It's cute but dangerous.  Like her personality!  Dangerously cute.

Oh!  When we went to see if we qualify for WIC they weighed Malcolm!!  He is 18lbs 8oz and __ in tall.  So he is ok.  Healthy as he should be. Also the thrush is gone.  Thankfully!

Another difference I notice in Malcolm vs. Kaylee is Malcolm just started eating a finger food.  Those baby puffs in the baby isle.  He is starting to like them more and more.  I only give him a few here and there to try.  Kaylee started eating finger food at 7 months and I believe around 8-9 months was fed almost exclusively finger food rather than purees.  Malcolm is still loving on the purees which is great.  He isn't ready for anything more than what I have given to him.  It also probably has to do with the fact that he got his teeth almost a month after Kaylee did.

We are so grateful to have this little man in our life.  His smiley face brings joy to everyone he sees.  :-)