Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preschool Pass- Sea World

 I am so excited that Kaylee was able to get a FREE Sea World pass for being preschool age.  Any kid age 3-5 that lives in California can get a free Preschool pass as long as they sign up I think by the end of march.  Thank you Sea World for saving us 80+ bucks!  Anyway I had to document our first time back after a few months we couldn't go because she is 3. About the picture above, Malcolm had fun in the padded baby area and ended up giving the girl a kiss.  Her parent's were probably horrified but I thought it was sweet.  Kevin freaked out because of germs but he didn't get sick so yay!
 Kaylee in the boucey place. 
 Playing on the giant musical instruments!!
 Watching a show!  I think this was at Pets Rule.

 I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures of Kaylee with the Dolphin measuring thingys.  I'm technical.  She is shorter than a baby dolphin.

 Above we are visiting Uncle Chuck (referring to ongoing inside joke calling Charlie a seal.  It will remain forever in out hearts)
 Sibling love.  They love each other.  Makes me happy.
The 3 of us at a show.  My hair looks crazy but it really was a great day.