Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mike in San Diego!

I was so excited to hear that my friend Mike was coming in town for a weekend.  I was equally happy my friend Manda got to come with us!  We had a great night out at Buca de Bepo. (YUM) and had a wonderful time talking and catching up.  I had to share this picture since we all look darn good!


 I wanted to share some of the things we get to do around San Diego.  This one is Sea World's Aquaticia.  It is a water park in Chula Vista that used to be Knotts Soak City until this year.  We have gone a few time but never get pictures because I usually leave my phone in the car.  This time I made sure to take a few.  It is nice to go when I can bring someone with me so that there is at least one adult for each kid.  Mal unfortuanately still has to use an infant life vest (Erg) but Kaylee loves the ones they provide.  We went out and bought a more comfortable one that was coast guard approved for Mal.  He can go on a few things and Kaylee love the kid water slides and the little kids area where she can climp up ropes and stuff.  Although I don't like climbing all the rope too so we usually stay in other places.
 We love the wave pool and the lazy river.  Malcolm loves the sand the most.
 They have a sand area with the lawn chairs by the wave pool.  So sometimes someone will watch the kids there so the other person can ride some big slides.

At the end Grandpa decided to teach Mal to drive.  Start em Young I say!

Padre Game with the future Leons

 Kevin was out of town on buiness and I got a call from my sister asking if I'd like to go to padre game with her and Julio.  I decided to go and I'm glad I did.  I had a lot of fun.  Julio got the tickets from work and we got super awesome seats.  I took the above picture from my seat.  Right behind the dugout! 
The Happy couple!


 Julio got a taste of how crazy my sister and I am together.  Kevin has played somewhat of the 3rd wheel in the past but like Kevin, Julio is good at joining the fun.  We made jokes about different players names and laughed over stupid awesome stuff.  It was fun. 
After the game, we went to Julio's soccer game.  FUN as usual.  I love going to his soccer games.  Soccer is definitely my favorite sport and it always reminds me of the fun I had playing soccer.  It was really fun and hopefully next time Kevin can join us!