Saturday, February 21, 2015

December 2014

This was my favorite month out of the whole year.  2014 was not perfect by any means and brought me tons of tears and bits of depression.  It wasn't the worst year we have had and we have much to be grateful for.  We have lived in our apartment for a full year now, Kaylee is in preschool now, we are healthy, and we are happy.  So here is December.
I got to perform with the Temple community choir with my Aunt Claudia, Uncle David, and cousin Shannon.  It was awesome!!  They had this cool tent for us between shows with snacks and drinks! I had a great time performing for all those people who came! Very cool.
We got the El Cajon Rec Catalog and Kaylee's dance class got a picture in it.  She is the one all the way on the left.
I love it when they sleep. 
We did decorating ginger bread houses.  THe kids loved it.  They didn't end up eating all of that (thank goodness)  There is SO much sweets during Christmas it is nuts.
This is Kaylee's gingerbread girl.
There is her silly face.
Claudia had fun making her own house.
Earlier that day we hung out with Maria.  It is so fun when so visits us!

So Kevin had the opportunity to play Santa a few times this year.  Even though this means that his real beard goes bye bye in December, I love him playing Santa.  He is a really good Santa and really good with the kids. 
This picture is the last picture I took when I was performing at the temple.
I love Kaylee's little friend Taylor.  They were taking pictures of themselves (selfies) and then they were looking at the pictures they took and laughing.

Ok the above picture was taken mid Kaylee nap.  I was folding laundry, and Kaylee fell off the chair mid nap and stayed asleep. HAHA
Kaylee's Preschool Christmas Party!!
They also made gingerbread houses.  Both of them had a lot of fun.  I was grateful that they made enough for the siblings to have their own house.

Kaylee made a wreath and I am keeping it forever.  I love it so much!! 

Ms. Katy and Kaylee together!!
Mommy Kissing Santa Claus at our ward Christmas Party!!
Malcolm with Santa
This year, Malcolm asked for presents for Christmas.
I love this pictures more than word!!  I'm going to frame it.
Kaylee and Santa
Kaylee asked for a star on top of her tree for Christmas.  (I really thought she was going to ask for frozen.)

When I showed them these pictures, Malcolm goes, "It's daddy" and then Kaylee got mad at him.
I think this was the Sunday that Kaylee sang at chirch with the Primary.  These pictures are really cute with my aunt Ruth.

Kaylee wrote "Mommy" for the first time!!  Look how good!
This was what she drew when I asked her to draw me.  Apparently I'm bald.  But it is amazing and I love it!
My sister took me out for my birthday!!
Then Maria joined and we went and looked at lights!

Another great picture of Kaylee sleeping!!
This was me dressed up for Kevin's work Christmas party.  I didn't get one of both of us together.  THere is always next year.

We went to Claim Jumpers for the work party and this cake is massive!  It was good too minus the walnuts. 
This was a picture of all the class on the last day.

So sometimes I do fun pictures with the kids and I love how these turned out since Malcolm normally doesn't do funny faces on command.

Here is me and Kaylee.  We did more pictures but I liked this one best!
Daddy and kidlets!!
Our Connors Chirstmas had to be early because my parents went to the Caimen Islands.  So here is a few pictures from that.
Love Claudia photobombing in the back.
Malcolm got a car scooter from grandma and grandpa Connors.
Kaylee got an outfit and a jacket!
Kaylee also got a wizard costume (from Sophia the first) from Aunt Claudia and Uncle Julio.
We also decorated shirts for our trip to Disneyland in January.
While my parents were gone George finally accepted that I was his new best friend (temporary best friend) until my dad returned.  Here he is sitting on my lap.
The kids were actually coloring and being nice for a few hours this day.  It was a miracle.  I enjoyed it!!
This was awesome.  Someone awesome left us an anonymous gift.  A present for the kids, a cake, and in the stocking was some cash.  We love this person whoever you are!! 

I will post Christmas Day and the rest of December in a new post.  :-)