Thursday, September 15, 2011

11 months and Smiling!

 Last week our little girl turned 11 months old!  She is so happy and her personality grows more and more everyday!  She loves to play with her toys in the super yard and cuddle with mom and dad.
 One of her Favorite activities in playing with dad's hair and ears when she is on his shoulders.  She also took her first steps a few days shy of 11 months!!  She was standing and daddy walked through the door from work.  She went to get him and in the process too two steps!  She then took some more steps for daddy later that day.  She surprises us now and then with some steps but still prefers crawling, pulling up to stand and standing at the moment.
 The above picture makes me say "Superwoman!"
We love her and can't believe it has ALMOST been a year since she was born!  Around this time last year we were anxiously awaiting the birth of our little girl, wondering what she would look like and be like.  Little did we know how extremely amazing and beautiful she would be!  So proud to be her parents!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ok, so Kevin and I bought a pasta machine and TJMAX/Homegoods.  It was a good price and we wanted one.  So we made our own pasta and it is delicious!

We made very thin noodles and to be honest it tasted like Top Ramen.  But it was still tasty!  We are going to try different flour, and thickness next time.  We are so excited and LOVE our new pasta maker!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Few fun Videos

Kaylee is growing up so fast.  I was in San Diego when she turned 10 months so I didn't post a blog about it, but it sure is fun to have her around.  She will be 11 months this week so I will post something then.  But I wanted to post a few videos to show what she has been up to this month.  The first one is when we babysat our friend's the Feldmans little boy James.  He is 8 days younger than Kaylee and is A LOT bigger. He is so fun to have around.  He is really good with Kaylee trying to take all his stuff.

This next one I took today of her playing.  I was trying to get her to stand.  She can do it and do it well.  I swear!

Love our life!