Thursday, March 20, 2014

Apartment Tour #1

So I had a Neighborhood party which no one came to but it made my house super clean.  This was taken the next day.  I figured I would take a video while this lasted.  It's actually not boring either.  The kids are in it.  :-)

Have fun watching it!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014

 February was a short month.  Of course it always is.  At the end of January Claudia and Julio were able to move into their new house that they just bought!!  The house is so wonderful and we are only a little jealous they get to be home owners.  The above picture is out first day hang out at Claulio's house and we set up the princess tent.
 We had another observation day for Kaylee's dance class and it was so cute!!  The only bummer is that she went to the bathroom during the hula hoop time.
 One of the Saturdays Kaylee and I were able to have a mommy and me day.  Started out with the Mommy and Me craft morning at the church.  After we did a little shopping had lunch at home and then headed off to Sea World.
 We found a little plack that said Kentucky so we took a picture with it since that is where she was born.
 Then we headed to Seasame street Bay of Play and we went on all the the kid rides.  There was no lines at the time so we did all three ending with the one that is like the tea cups at Disneyland.  Usually I don't get sick on rides but after going through all 3 right in a row I was a bit queezy at the end.  She had so much fun and said she liked the elmo fish one the best which is like the Dumbo ride at Disneyland.  When she goes to Disneyland for the first time she is going to flip.
 After seeing a few animals we went and saw the Madagascar 4D show and we sat in the very front row.  She did some dancing and at the end that leammer (?) king went strait to her and shook her hand and left.  The other kids were jealous but she felt very special.

 Valentine's Day Kevin ended up getting pink eye.  So we had to throw out our plans. Instead we ordered Phil's BBQ to go and had moon pies for dessert and watched movies.  I had a fun night but I was bummed our night with a babysitter ended up a night at home.
 Funny moment.  Malcolm was playing and I look over and he did this all by himself.  I can't believe he is almost 2.  Crazy!!  Growing too fast.