Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures by Denisha Sproul Photography!

I was going to wait and post some pictures until after the baby announcements went out.  (They are awaiting a stamp) But I just couldn't wait.  I will post a few of my favorites here and wait to post on facebook until the announcements have gone out.  The announcements are really cute!!  (Thank you Pampers/shutterfly) But the pictures are better thanks to my wonderful sister in law Denisha who is SO VERY talented!!

 Kaylee walking in the fields
 This is a common site with Kevin and Kaylee, look at her face!
I love Kaylee kisses!
Daddy and son
 Kaylee loves to give Malcolm kisses
 The Sproul Family
 This is so Kevin and Kaylee.  She loves the leaves on the trees!
 Mama and son
I love this little guy!
 Yea and this above picture might be my favorite
I love how we all are looking at Malcolm and calming him down with shushes in this picture.  CUTE.  I'm so lucky to have Denisha take our family photos/newborns!  She is so talented and I get so many comments on how beautiful they are!  Because it is true.  :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 months

Malcolm is growing up so fast.  He is 2 months old now! 
 Malcolm gives us big smiles often, he coos and plays.  He is very strong.  On his tummy he can life his head, and shoulders off the floor.  He is very proud of himself.  So am I.  At 9 weeks he started sleeping through the night.  We feed him at 10 and he goes right to sleep and has slept until 7 although sometimes it is anywhere between 5:30-6:30.  He will get the hang of it.  He still doesn't cry as much as Kaylee did in general.  He loves to snuggle, and I take advantage of all the snuggling!  I love his cuddles.
At his doctor's appointment he weighed in at 11 lbs 12 oz.  He was 22.5 inches tall.  50% for weight and 40% for height. He really shot up in the height more than anything.  He was 25% last time.  You can tell, he is filling out his car seat much better.  I also have had to put some of his outfits into storage.  It is always weird when they start growing out of things.

You know with Kaylee I felt I was feeding her all the time.  With Malcolm, I feel like I am constantly changing diapers.  Probably because Kaylee is still in them.  This dude does poop a lot.  They say it is supposed to slow down around 2ish months.  Not yet for Mal Mal.  We sure love him though.

Here are some cute videos.  :-)

Time out

 Kaylee gets time outs now.  For things like screaming and hitting and kicking and the occasional biting and hair pulling.  We baby proofed her room and cleared it of all toys except her bedtime animals since she is in her toddler bed.  Which I will post a pic of later.  So we just have her go in her room for an amount of time that we set on a timer.  One time I found her like this.  I turned off the light and let her sleep until she woke up 10 min later screaming.  HAHA  It isn't funny, but it is.

Blessing Day

 Happy Blessing Day Malcolm!  Malcolm was blessed on July 1st 2012 by Kevin.  It was a wonderful day. 
 The outfit was given to us by Amy Finder in out ward.  It once belonged to her son Ethan who is a teenager now.
 So cute booties!!  My brother ran (literally) 10 miles in 100 degree weather to pick them up for me.  LOVE!  Glad he didn't get heat stroke though.
 My little man!
 The fam who was there!
 Grandma and Grandpa Connors with Malcolm!  After the blessing I hosted a small get together with our family and a few friends. 
 Aunt Ruthie with Malcom
 Aunt Ruthie, Uncle Bob, Malcom and my mom
 Malcolm being sassy.  :-) And below is Kaylee dressed up for her brother's big day!  It was such a beautiful day I always love to hear my husband give our children blessings.  It is so special. 

Fathers Day!

Ok, so this post is late.  But I wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to my hubby.  He is such a wonderful husband and father and works so hard to make sure our family is taken care of.  Especially now. 

He is crazy fun and I love it!  For the weekend I made sure to make many delicious meals and on Sunday we worked together on a very labor heavy Italian meal and invited his parents up.  It was a fun weekend.

When Family comes to visit!

 The end of June I had a lot of family in town for Malcolm's blessing.  First my dad and brother Charlie came in.  Above is my dad holding Mal Mal.  He is using the "Magic Finger Trick" which is the pinky finger upside down in a babies mouth.  Malcolm wasn't taking the paci so my dad tried the pinky and it worked like a charm and my dad and Malcolm enjoyed a nice long nap (well Malcolm was napping, dad was just enjoying his grandson!).

 We also went to the Ren Fair in Louisville while waiting for my mom, aunt and uncle to arrive.  Above is the show Duels with Fools (no seals involved) and we had a great time!
 Above is my dad, Kaylee and Charlie enjoying the show.  It was HOT!!  BTW that is Malcolm's hat on my dad's head!!  HAHA

Below is Malcolm enjoying the show in his own way.
 My mom, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob arrived soon after we got home from the fair.  We went to dinner at Smokey Bones.  It was so fun to see them all!!

As you can tell Kaylee was happy to see "Nama" and "Nama" was happy to see Kaylee!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have a lot of catching up to do on some of the happy things that has been going on lately, but I had to stop and write what is happening right now.

Last week, Kevin was told that his position at Donan Engineering was being eliminated.  He will be able to work there for another 3 months as severance and then no more Donan.  Luckily he does have that time, and they also agreed to pay for any CPA testing including application fees, etc. that he takes in the next 3 months.  So Kevin and I are busy studying him up to take those tests and he is also busy putting in the applications and paperwork in and getting things going on that.

Our lease is up in a little less than 2 months so we are going to be moving to Lexington temprarily with his parents while Kevin finishes his last month of work.  That is the plan so far.  So I am busy getting things ready to sell, getting rid of things via Goodwill, throwing garbage away, packing up our stuff and researching moving truck rentals and storage facilities.  We are going to miss a lot of our friends in Louisville.  We have come to love so many of them.  We always knew that Louisville wasn't the place we wanted to settle down, but we weren't prepared to leave so soon.  We thought we had a few more years here.

I will keep you updated step by step as we know them.  We are taking it hour by hour.  So much to do so little time.  We appreciate all prayers headed our way. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Above is the first smile I caught on camera.  He is so sweet and I love every smile he gives me.
Kaylee is getting more and more adjusted to being a big sister and a good one she is.  I love her smiles and am thankful I have them both in my life!