Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Utah Trip

This Memorial Day weekend we got to fly up to Utah to celebrate our new nephew Benjamin Vaughn Sproul.  It was a great weekend.  As I have many family and friends who live in Utah I have to appologize that we couldn't stay longer and see more people because it was a very short trip and PACKED with family fun.  We arrived Friday evening where we left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa Sproul while we went out to see the new Start Trek movie with Allen and Britany.  So very awesome!

Kaylee right after we put her in the stroller after the plane ride to Utah
On Saturday spent the morning getting ready to go and swimming at Don and Jayne's (Grandma/Grandpa Sproul) hotel pool.  We than headed back to Allen and Britany's for kid's naps.  Kevin and I took this opportunity to go to Apollo Burger to get pastrami burgers, fries, and shared a shake. Too much food.  Kevin and I have been trying to loose weight so we were not used to a treat meal such as that.  It was yummy.  Good thing we walked there and back.  No vacation is complete without going out to eat so that was great.

We then got back to the house and got ready for my Brother Charlie and his beautiful wife Andrea to come over for dinner!  We played with the kids for awhile and got them to bed.  Then we had dinner and talked.  They were SO nice and brought over ice cream for dessert.  It was super yummy.  I feel bad because when they asked how many people to bring ice cream for I thought, 2 families of 4, grandparents, and them.  So 12 people.  I counted the kids.  Not only were all of them in bed when we had ice cream, but I counted a newborn!!  Oh well. Sorry guys.  But it was a lot of fun seeing them!

The next day was Benji's blessing and afterward they had a get together at Allen and Britany's house.  It was so nice being able to visit with some of Kevin's extended family that we don't get to see that often.  Kaylee had a LOT of fun showing off her skills and Malcolm gave a lot of people smiles. 

By the end of the trip poor Malcolm was done being picked on by the two older kids.  He missed having some alone time with him and his toys.  Kaylee and Cam got along great.  Of course no toddler friendship is complete without pushing, pulling and the basic struggle of the sharing concept.  They will be even greater friends I'm sure as time goes on.  I'm really glad we live a lot closer to Utah so that we can go visit more often. 

 I took a few good shots of Benji while I was sitting next to him.

 Malcolm drinking a sippy and getting his mommy time on.  He loves me.  He really really loves me.  :-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 2013

Kevin's Birthday cake!!  Chocolate mouse cheesecake!  I made each layer strictly from scratch.  I"M AWESOME!

Ok here is the BEFORE shot.  I finally got Malcolm's hair cut!
Funny story before I took any of the following pictures.  I walked into the hair cut place.  It's that kid's place by Olive Garden at Grossmont Mall.  Anyway, I walk in and they ask me if I have an appointment and I say no and ask if they take walk ins which they do. (Don't know why that is relevant but a walk in was the only way I was going in there)  Anyhoo, Then it went like this. "This is his first I might cry.  oh no, I'm going to cry." "What's his name?" Now sobbing "Malcolm"  "How do you spell that?" more sobbing "M-A-L-C-O-L-M" I didn't add the dashes because I was spelling his name.  I put in the dashes because after everytime I said a letter I gasped in the midst of sobbing. Like a fountain.
But the lady was really good and they had this cool chair and toy cars.

The more they cut the more he looked like Kevin it was crazy.

My handsome man!  I am glad I brought him in!!!
Kaylee asked me to take a picture of her Easter Bunny. 
For Kevin's birthday my parents bought us Sea World passes!!
Both Kids love it.  As do I.  One of the days during my mom's Spring break we went to Sea World together and we had a fun time showing the kids around.
Turtle Reef rocks!
This was a different day I went to Sea World.  The Sea World free App has a camera with borders.
Also now Kaylee is 2 1/2 years old and she only sometimes naps and sometimes stays awake and makes a lot of noise.But here she is taking a living room nap.  Cuddling "Papa Bear"

March 2013

Due to Blogger's "Genius" picture upload system, I can't change the order without a lot of effort on my part so sorry it is a little out of order!

Malcolm was feeling sick and not wanting to eat so he fell asleep instead.  Poor guy!  I believe that was the day he had an ear infection!
Easter!  I told you this would skip around a bit!  I used Kool aide packets and water to color eggs!  My sister Claudia came and helped and it was TONS of fun!

Malcolm watched!
Eggs before.  Another pinterest tip I "Hard boiled" them in the oven.  Best way ever.

Claudia was really good at making fun colored ones and Kevin made a Scottish flag.  lol

The Easter bunny was good to us this year.  He is pretty awesome we have to say and may I say good looking. ;-)
We left out an egg for the Easter bunny and he enjoyed it and even left a note which is not shown here.
Ready to see their baskets!

Malcolm had fun opening his basket as shown above!  He loved the edible grass.

My mom and Malcolm have a special bond.  I love it!

Ok so here is back to the sickness that happened before Easter.  Like begining of the month.  Kevin and I got food poisening from Black Angus and both ended up at the ER.  My sister also got it but rode it out at home because she is in between insurances (until August 9th when she gets hitched!)

While we were in the ER Kaylee also got an ear infection. (2 kids with an ear infection at the same time no bueno!)  Then almost immediately got a stomach bug.

Malcolm was the last of us to get a stomach bug and boy was it SAD!

Kaylee actually had the worst week I think.  It started with the ear infections, then the stomach bug and then everyday after that she woke up and threw up and slept in it to where she woke up with vomit in her hair every day or she would puke later that day.  I brought her back to the doctor twice before a doctor believed me that she needed to switch antibiotics.  Once she switched she stopped vomiting.  Mothers instinct=REAL
Who says you can't have silly fun while sick.  She was extremely attached to me and wanted cuddles ALL the time during this time. 

Once they were feeling better we got to enjoy the sunshine happening around us.  It is SO nice to have a backyard to play in!!

We love going to the park and discovering all the different parks San Diego has to offer.  Above is Mast Park in Santee, CA
I actually love Smart and FInal carts.  They sometimes get too rough (Kaylee) but mostly cute and cuddly. 
Aunt Manda came over to visit while her hubby was overseas with the Navy.  Kaylee LOVES her Aunt Manda!
Oh here is the note!  I knew I took a picture of it!  Thank you Easter bunny!!