Monday, May 18, 2015

April 2015

 FAMILY IN TOWN!!  My mom in law Jayne and her mom Grand Burroughs and my Brother in Law's family Allen, Britney, Cami, Benji, and my new neice Allie!!  We went and went swimming at their hotel.
 Benji, Cami and Kaylee cuddling after a good swim.
 Benji and Mal got along pretty well. 
 Aunt Britney is awesome because she makes forts for the kids to eat lunch in!
 We had a April birthday party!

 Grandma Burroughs enjoyed her great grandkids.  Kaylee and Mal were excited to have a baby around.
 We ran into a sweet lady and her dog and the kids were so excited!
 We all went to the beach and enjoyed the sand and the sunshine!
 Malcolm finally loved the water!!
 The trip was too short we miss all of them SO much!
 Easter Egg dying!  I skipped this last year.  The kids were great.  Note to self, only fill the muffin tins half way up.  or it will spillover into other colors.

 We used Kool aide to dye them.  No vinegar smell.  Kevin hates vinegar smell.  Although in all reality, he wasn't there I could have used the vinegar stuff.  Although the kool aide smelled very yummy.
 The Easter Bunny came.  
 The kids were happy. 

 Malcolm went strait for the peeps.  This kid LOVES marshmallows!
 Creamed eggs on toast with sausage.  I don't think I ever want to eat it without sausage. SO GOOD!
 We had a little get together at my uncle bob's house.

 My cousin's Lydia and Elizabeth!!  So cute!

 Kaylee is starting to look very grown up and it is really weird.  She is SO pretty!
 This is what we call "Danger Cake"  It is a pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla cake and it is dangerously delicious.  
 Malcolm said "Happy Face" so we did happy!
 Malcolm said "Sad face!" and then at the last minute did a happy face and tricked me.  Sneaky.
 I dressed them as twins again.  Malcolm didn't want Kaylee in the picture but I think that would defeat the point.
 We did one last Safari Park (Wild Animal Park) before our passes expired.

 This was the day Malcolm got headbutted by a goat and is now afraid of goats.  I don't blame him really.

 Kaylee and Mal got new bathing suits from grandma.  :0)
 We did a big Sea World day with my parents.  It was really fun!

 They added an octopus exibit!
 Kaylee made this hat in preschool
 She is happy about it
 Update on Malcolm's potty training adventure:  He is almost there!  He gets lazy in pull ups but is having only minimal accidents in underwear.  So we are trying to be in underwear as much as possible!!
 This is our homemade (non-alchoholic) Butter Beer.  Cream soda, Butter flavor, Rum Flavor, then on top is whipped cream with marshmallow fluff!
 One of our walks with carmen.  That cup in Kaylee's hand in for Carmen.
 Malcolm eating his candy sample in the bathroom floor of Smart and Final because sometimes this has to happen.
 Malcolm has short people problems.  We are all ok with it.  He manages well. 
 So we celebrated by dressing up festive and going to Red Robin!

 I sure do love this man.  Kevin has been really busy with Tax season so it's nice that he finally has time to have fun!
 Carmen kisses for Kay.
 Kaylee being an airplane on my feet.
 During the father son campout we had a girls night.  Including the pony.
 I threw a small Harry Potter Party for Kevin's 30.  We had chocolate frogs
 Quiddich Brooms
 Butter Beer
 Cups that sorted us into houses
 I made this banner and I am VERY proud of it.  
 My attempt of Malcolm scootering while I went on a walk.  It was ok.

 Malcolm says "Walk and Cuddle" so I did!
 Kevin got a random day off!!  SO he got to bring Kaylee to pre school
 Malcolm wanted a picture too
 Then we did a test run setting up the tent for the first time
 We were in my parents back yard.
 Malcolm had his first smore
 And liked it
 It was kind of like camping.  

 This lasted like 15 min.  Next time we are putting them down one at a time.
 Malcolm leaves the bathroom as I sit to go to the bathroom and says "I leave" I think privacy!! he then opens the door and says "Actually you a nice mama"  then closes it.  He then opens it again and says "Actually I watch you" and sits down like this.
 We did a trip to the zoo with daddy one last time before our passes expire.
 Malcolm loves the zoo.
 This should be with the party stuff.  This is the cake we made for Kevin's birthday.  I love it so much!
 This was literally the last day we could use our passes.  Malcolm and I had a great time.  Kaylee and I had a terrible time.  We ended up leaving early and Malcolm and I had ice cream since we didn't get to stay as long as we wanted to.  Here are some happy moments.  Notice it is when we first got there.