Friday, July 12, 2013

KY Trip 2013 #3

 Ok this is the last one.  I promise.  I know that because I always put the pictures in first.  So we got to go to the city pool a lot which we loved!  It really cools you down with how humid it gets there.
 Most of the time we got to go there with Rodney with one or more of the girls.  Which of course Kaylee loved.
 I wish I got more pictures but I got to attend the wedding of Josh and Kinsey Hein while in KY.  It was in Louisville and it was so beuatiful.  Josh went to U of L with Kevin and sang with him in the cardinal singers which may have been one of the highlights of Kevin's life.  By the time I met Josh I had heard so many stories about him he was basically a celebrity.  Kinsey has become a quick friend since they started dating.  We all hung out with our friend's the Russells who were also there.  It was SO nice seeing them and catching up.  We miss them so much!  Also before the wedding we got to go visit our friend Heather Mills and her kids.  I was so happy I got to see her and her cute kids and Kaylee and Malcolm had fun playing in their backyard. 
 So I had told Kaylee not to go downstairs to get her mini bag but she did anyway and left the door open.  I saw Malcolm at the top of the stairs and RAN over.  My hands were inches from him when he took a step and log rolled down the entire flight of stairs. :-(  My hear literally left my body as I screamed his name praying he was OK.  He is.  He got a little rug burn on his head but he is ok.
 Later that morning he proceeded to knock down a lamp.  Luckily we left a few for them when we moved so there you go.  Replaced.  Erg.
 Mal (and Kaylee) fell asleep on the way to Rodney and Denisha's house.
 Kaylee being way too loud for comfort.  But it is nice seeing her playing a musical instrument.  I can't wait until she learns how to play something.
 The kids playing and Aven on his mommy's lap.
 Malcolm playing at Rodnisha's house.
 I got to hold baby Aven again.  He made his lips get all small like a little pucker.  It was so cute!  I love having nieces and nephews!  (Oh and excuse more garm flash)
On the left is me and Aven! On the right is a cute picture of all the Sproul granddaughters.  They had SO much fun together!  They kept yelling "cousins" as we took pictures of them!!
 Above is at the Library after we learned my flight on the way back was delayed and I had to be re routed.  I'm telling you the airport system was broken this week.
 Grandma did a puzzle with Kaylee.  She is really getting into puzzles lately.
 Malcolm crawling around the Library.

I really don't like Blogger's new way of laying out my pictures out of order.  Anyway, to the left is Kaylee playing at the mall the morning we left.  On the right is poor Paisley cuddling with Grandma after a big bump on the head which bled a lot.  A corner of something hit her head so she had a little indention in her head.  She is ok though.  Poor girl!  Bentley was SO sweet.  She said that she said a prayer that Paisley would get better soon.  She also said she didn't think she could play anymore that night because Paisley wouldn't get to play and that would make Paisley sad.  It totally impressed me how she put herself in Paisley's shoes and did what she could to help her sister.  I have the best nieces and nephews ever.

This is Malcolm at the library so cute trying to pull out all books.  Haha  It was fun.
Home.  Yes we got delayed on the way home too.  We got re routed through Houston instead of Chicago.  Instead of coming home just after 8pm San Diego time we got in at almost 11pm.  So they fell asleep on the plane and they were NOT ready to go home.  Also, Kaylee was devastated to leave her Sproul grandparents behind.  Grandma Sproul walked us to security and that's when the tears began.  She was sad to leave Grandma!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

KY Trip 2013 #2

 Ok here is baby Aven!!  Isn't he adorable?  Yes he is.  Little Aven was born Jun 4th and joined a family with 3 older sisters ready to love on him.  I loved holding this little newborn.  I love how cuddly newborns are.  He is so chill.  I love him.
 Here are pretty much the cutest little girls in the world.  Kaylee loves these little girls.  They love her too.  They played and played the whole time they were together.  She is still talking about it.
 They are all eating ice cream cones.
 Uncle Rodney spent a lot of quality time with Malcolm.  It was fun seeing other people play with Malcolm.  Being the 2nd child he is often in his big sisters shadow as she know way more tricks and words.
 Malcolm cuddling with Grandpa.  (Above) and Malcolm playing in the bath.  It was so nice.  My mom and dad in law went and got them bubble bath and bath toys to play with.  The octonaughts in fact.  I see this and think, "Creature Report, Creature report, Creature Report!"

 We love grilled cheede sandwhiches so we had that for luch a few times.  Malcolm just woke up here.
 We got to visit the Lexington Children's Exploritorium.  They both had a really fun time.  :-)
 This pic of Malcolm was actually at Rodney and Denisha's.  He had fun walking EVERYWHERE!
 This kids climbing up the stairs of the basement.
 Oh blogger and the picture order.  The is the exploritorioum again.

Kentucky Trip 2013 #1

So this last week I went out and visited Lexington, KY for a number of reasons. 1. We want to keep Kaylee's relationship with her cousins, grandparents, and Uncles and Aunts as strong as possible.  This is really important to us. 2. Aunt Denisha and Uncle Rodney (as in Kaylee and Malcolm's Aunt and Uncle) just had their 4th baby!!!  He is SO cute!  I will get to that later. 3. Our friends Kinsey and Josh Hein just got married and I wanted to go and represent the Sproul fam. This will probably take more than one blog post because of the amount of pictures I took and how many of them I want to share.

 On the first plane trip to Chicago Kaylee did really good played on my ipad and wore special kid headphone.  She eventually fell asleep like this and that made me laugh a lot.
 Then we got to Chicago and airport hell started.  My Chicago flight was delayed for hours.  I think 3 hours about.  It was horrible.  I just kept walking and walking.  If the flight wasn't delayed the kids would have been fine on the plane but they were SO tired.
 This muct have been when we first got to the gate.  Because I don't even remember this.
 This is the CLOSEST I got to both of them being asleep.  I am taking a break from walking.  Kaylee is cuddling with my arm and Malcolm was asleep
 Sorry for the garm flash.  But he is too cute not to share.
 This is how Kaylee was most of this time.  I asked her to smile and she growled instead......
 Then 30 min before we board a worker told me there was a play area so we got like 15 min of playtime before I had to pee and go back to the gate to board the plane to Lexington.
She had the place to herself she was overjoyed.  I really wish I knew about this ealier.  If you want to know, it was kiddy corner to the starbucks basically.  Just ask someone.  It's worth going to especially if you are delayed.

Something to Celebrate

This picture above has nothing to do with this blog but I like having a picture on a blog post and this one was taken the day we found out good news #1.


KEVIN PASSES HIS LAST CPA EXAM!  As you probably know, Kevin has been working on his CPA for quite awhile now.  He started really studying and taking tests as soon as he got the news (almost a year ago) that he would not have a job at Donan anymore in Louisville.  He passed the first 3 on the first try.  This last one took him 3 trys.  This last time he enrolled in the Becker class to help him understand anything he did not and it ended up being his highest score of all the tests he took.  So he is super close to being official.  To get your CPA in California you have to pass the California ethics exam.  So that is what he is doing.   Good news is that it is all online and the one fee he pays gets him 3 tries at the test.  After the CPA test this one will be a sinch.  After that it is just paperwork.  I'm SO SO SO proud of this guy.


Kevin got a NEW JOB which he started June 28 at a CPA firm here in El Cajon.  It is closer to home than it was to drive to the trolley station.  This is also vital experience working at a CPA firm.  If he likes it wonderful, but it all opens door to so many more jobs if he does want his career to go a different path.  But so far so good.  He got the job through a guy in our ward whose dad is a partner in the firm.  It seems like Kevin is really enjoying it.  They do a lot of auditing for Charter schools and stuff and it will eventually include some traveling.  I'm excited about this new change to our life.  I hope that this roller coaster in our lives is crawling up for awhile because the down dips really have been throwing us off.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family on both sides that have helped us and supported us through it all.  Thank you!!

While Daddy was Home

 The day after Kevin was told he didn't have a job for at least awhile, I decided we needed some cheering up and went and did something fun.  We went to Sea World with out passes.  We has such a good time exploring exhibits we hadn't seen before and going to Circ de La Mer which opened again for the summer.  Above is Kaylee with the Sea World Penguin.  If you didn't know, penguins are one our family icons.  We love them.
 Kaylee and daddy on the sky tower.  If you have ever been to Sea World or have even driven by this is the giant blur pole in the middle that you can ride up and see pretty much all of San Diego.  I love reminders of where I live.  It makes me happy.
 This is Kevin and the kids at Circ.  They love being with their daddy and he loved being able to spend all this time with us even if it was unpaid.

 We also played out back a lot.  Malcolm loves these rocking horses.  Good thing we have two because they always like to ride them together.
 Sorry I took a picture before I helped you up buddy.  It was too funny.
 We also spent a day at the beach.  Kevin had been doing SO much studying that he really hasn't been able to enjoy the perks of where we live.  So it was nice to get out and play at the beach.  It was extra fun having my sister Claudia, her fiance Julio, and their friend Alissa join us for the day!

 Malcolm loves playing in the sand, and he may also love to try and eat it.  What a stinker. hehe
 We also really enjoyed setting up the pool in the backyard and swimming away.  Life is beautiful even through trials.  As a child I loved setting up a pool similar to this one and swimming all day.  Playing mermaids, making whirlpools, jumping in, playing "timber" (where you stand at the edge with your arms out and someone pretends to chop you down like a tree "Chop chop" and then you yell TIMBER! and face plant the water) and marco polo.  Everyone else played the timber game right?  Haha  So it is fun sharing these memories with Kaylee and Malcolm.  She can swimm in this pool no floaties no problem.

Malcolm is cute he can walk around in his little floatie.  We have really warmed him up in the water and really enjoys it now.
 Oh yea and Kevin cooked for me.  Not everyday but he did make many tasty dishes.  It is always a treat when he cooks for me!! The above is a picture I took and sent to him as he was putting the kids to bed.  I just got home from teaching piano.  Below is this awesome hot Italian Sandwhich he made using croissant dough, ham, turkey, hard salami, cheese, and a little marinara.

 This happened.  Haha so I went to the 99 cent store to get something I think for the kids room.  Some bins and such.  I took Kaylee with me while Mal napped.  Kevin was home so I could do that.  She saw this blow dryer, curling iron, brush kit (toy) while we were there and she sweetly said, "Can I please have this?"  I usually never get her anything unless it is a special occasion.  But it was 99 cents and she had been very good that day and so I got it for her.  She then began curling everyone's hair.
We also have been enjoying the new Sea World water park Aquatica.  SO FUN!  More fun if our kids were a little older but fun nonetheless.  Kaylee loves getting temp tattoos on her hand.