Thursday, January 15, 2015

November 2014

 November was a month of getting ready for December but some great moments happened that month.  For example Malcolm tried to put his pants on all by himself.
It got cold enough for Kaylee to wear this cute outfit she got from Grandma Burroughs.
Kaylee and Malcolm (Kaylee's is not pictured because she tends to do her activities next to grandma or grandpa) got fun quiet time activities from my Aunt Claudia (AKA Grandma Aunt Claudia)  they love it.
There is this cute photo my Aunt Ruth took of us. 
So while Kevin and I are singing in Christmas Choir Practice, my mom volunteered to watch the kids that need watching.  Here is Levi Price, Bryce and Grant Rogers, and Malcolm watching Frosty the snowman.  Boys night out (I believe this was a Thursday rehearsal).
Also I finished the stockings.  I made every inch of these stockings.  I sewed them last year and attached the names this year.  Its supposed to look homemade and not perfect.  I love them.  Mainly because I made them.

5 years ago we had a miscarriage.  We made this ornament to remember.
And....Christmas is up one week before Thanksgiving.  Thanks giving was SO late this year.  SO I only thought it fair.
Thanksgiving fun.  My dad is making gravy and Kevin is cutting turkey.
Malcolm hit his head.  Grandma was there for some love.
Then we skyped Chuck and Andi.
Kevin was making sure that Malcolm was ok during his nap after he hit his head.  They both napped except Kevin did get up every once in awhile to check on Mal.
Then we went and had THanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Claudia's house!!! Always so fun!

Malcolm is obsessed with Santa and Christmas.
Kaylee's Santa letter 2014
Malcolm and I got to have a Malcolm Mommy date to Sea World.  It was fun!

We got to see the Shamu Christmas show that was surprisingly and delightfully a bit religious!!  Only wish the choir was real. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

October Part 3- Halloween!

 I'm going to start with the preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch.  We went to Oma's in Lakeside which is so cool.  Surprisingly (to me) Kaylee was the easy one this trip.  Happy the whole time. 
 I don't really force my kids to get the perfect shot but these are still cute.
 Above also pictured is some of our friends from church who also are in preschool with us.
 Kaylee and I.  Another good one.  This doesn't happen much.
 Malcolm.  I think he was being shy. 
 On the Hay Ride.  I couldn't get any good pictures of the cows but we saw them.  Even a baby one!

 Seriously I got some good ones that I didn't even work for here.

 Then there were goats they could pet.  It seems like goats are the last of the animals people put in petting zoos.  Because that is all I see anymore.  I miss the sheep.  Apparently other years they have put a baby cow in there.  But I think the one they had was too young.
 This was from the ward party.  Good thing I took pictures before that because I didn't get like any of Halloween.  Maybe Kevin has more but not me!
 I went as my mom for Halloween.  I borrowed her glasses and hip pouch.
 Malcolm the pirate and Kaylee Queen Elsa.
 Elsa using her icy powers

 Our little pirate!
 Oh and Kevin went as my dad.  We also borrowed their name tags from school.  It wasn't a super obvious costume but the people who got it LOVED it. 
 Our pumpkins.  Mine is above.
 This is Kevin's Dr. Who Pumpkin.
 We had the kids paint theirs but I couldn't find the finger paint so they used poster paint and it flaked.
 Random fun Sea World trip.  They love seeing that characters.  I love when there is no line.
 We also actually took advange of the common photo spots because it wasn't crowded.  I don't do crowded on purpose.

 This was fun.  The Halloween Sea Lion Show!
 On Halloween day all the kids dressed up for preschool and they had a party at the end of the day.
 We then went to my Aunt Claudia's house for Halloween and had a really fun time trick or treating with my cousin Mia and her family along with my cousin Maria and my mom.  THe rest of the gang stayed home and watched THEM.  Good one.
This is the only trick or treat shot.  I think it's the last house.  Malcolm went into many people's houses and in some cases I had to physically remove him from the premises.  So funny though.  The people were so nice though.