Friday, October 23, 2015

September 2015

 Kaylee's first day of school was September 1st and it was an amazing day.  She started TK which is transitional kindergarten.  It's for kids born Sept through December and it's something in between Pre-K and Kindergarten.  We have her in Spanish Immersion which starting on Oct. 1st is 90% Spanish 10% English.  She is rocking it.

 Malcolm couldn't be left out of the pictures with his "Kaylee's first day of school" outfit on.

 This is her lunch table.  They all have to wait here before school until the teacher comes and takes them to class.
 Kaylee at her classroom door
 I posted this because we now know that little girl in the back her name is Aubrey and she is one month younger than Malcolm
 I left Kaylee like this with one of her now best friends.  Natalie.  Her little sister is in the picture above.  We love this little family!  She had a great first day despite her first words to me upon entering the car, "People were not nice to me" (AAAAAWWWWW) But I found out it was just first day not wanting to share because everyone is 4 and some of them had never been in class before.
 On Kaylee's first week of school we traveled to Utah for Kevin's cousin Michael's wedding.  We left Kaylee behind with some wonderful people (my parents, my sister and our friend Laurie).  The above tip jar was found at this wonderful Greek place in Baker, CA.  HIGHLY recommend.Mad Greek.
 Malcolm excited for his food.

 We were all excited and hungry.  Traveling with one kid is so much easier by the way.

 This Gyro is literally the BEST one I have ever had in my life and may have ruined all other Gyros for me.

 On the road again.
 He was awake the whole time until we got off our exit in Orem to get to our hotel
 And stayed asleep for an hour after
 The next day we left these two cute boys with a babysitter and headed to the wedding.
 The wedding was in Brigham city, UT and it was beautiful.  I love how the Sproul family is so social and happy to see each other.  We may have been asked to speak softly a few times.  Like we have never been in the temple before.
 Michael and Meg exiting the temple!

 The luncheon was SO yummy and they had 2 kinds of butter.
 Then we waited outside the reception hall until it got rainy and so we went in to see how we could help.
I took a few pictures of the reception.  This was taken inside the little patio where the tables were.  There was grapes growing on the roof part and there were strawberries and other food plants growing behind.  There just happened to be strawberries and grapes being served at the reception.  Some of the Sproul cousins were hiding grapes in the grapevines and pretending they grew there and offering people grapes off the vine.  They did the same thing with the strawberries.  I couldn't stop laughing!

We also took those glasses and were trying to make noises from wetting the rim of the glass.  Kind of like in Miss Congeniality.  I love being part of the rambunctious group.  The groom did say if we didn't stop we would be stabbed.  So we stopped. 
Then we started catching grapes in our mouth.  Pictured is Kevin's cousin Amy catching a grape.
The next day we spent the day with the immediate Sproul Family.  Above is my nephews Cami, Benji, and of course not my nephew Malcolm.  They were happy most of the time I swear.
Lunch at the hotel is always a fun adventure.
Later that night we all went to Golden Corral!
We love to play games.  Lots of games.
On our way home we randomly found a closed petting zoo.  We loved walking around at the animals.
Those zebra horse things

Malcolm is a wonderful child to travel with.  Look at him relaxing watching gummy bears on Kevin's tablet.
This is after Utah.  We went and got chinese one day and these are Kevin and my fortunes.  The answer to these is "Um No" hahaha
Sometimes I need to wake up Mal to pick up Kaylee.  Look at his sweet sleeping face!
Sometimes I find him in fun positions. 
This is Mal and my first trip to Sea World while Kaylee was in school.  It was weird and refreshing at the same time.  We missed Kaylee but there were zero fights about where to go next.
The walrus was actually out and active.  That was awesome!
We tried out bilingual story time in Lakeside. I need to try it out again!
I got the chance to go to my high school friend Angie's baby shower!!  I got to catch up with these two beauties there both from High school and I loved every minute!
This is from Utah at the wedding.
Kaylee's first homework.  Her teacher gives homework that is optional and never more that one page a day.  I love it.  It's good practice.
September we also participated in the Chiari crew team at the walk to support a cure.  Chiari malformation has similar symptoms as MS but there is something (which I feel unqualified to explain) that happens sometimes that requires brain surgery.  My friend has 3 brain surgeries in one month after she had her first daughter in 2010.  I'm glad she is ok and that she put her daughter in Kaylee's preschool where I met them.

The above picture was sent to me by my father in law.  Jewel is Kevin's 3rd cousin I believe.  What?  That is awesome.  She was in Lexington for some reason.  He got to take a picture with her and normally she doesn't do that.
OK this above sonogram is my niece or nephew to be!  My brother Charlie and his wife Andrea are going to have a baby!!!  I'm SO excited!
She is just really cute!
So is he!  I love when he crosses his legs!
Since we went without her to Sea World I thought it would be fun to take her with us on a Saturday.
Malcolm loved being with his sister at Sea World
All dressed up for picture day

So we went to lunch with daddy unknowing Malcolm was so sick.  He barely ate anything and when I got home realized he had a 102 fever.  So we rested the next few days.  But what a sweet picture Malcolm asleep on Kevin like that.
Kaylee made me a name tag.  People need to know my name ya know.  

Have a wonderful day!!