Saturday, October 11, 2014

August 2014

 Not all of these have stories behind them  Although looking at it August was a good month.  These 3 go together.
 He fell asleep on the way home from Sea World.  And I put him in one of my parents chairs.  He moved a few times. 
 SO Cute!

 Accidental Matching.  We have a tye die thing in our family right now.
 I took this picture at the craft club we were doing before preschool started.  I was SO impressed she already knew how to string each cheerio on the yarn necklace.  Those cheerios quickly disappeared in the car.  Gave me a good idea on making movie snacks for future drive in trips.
 Walmart gave us a hug sample of cinnamon rolls that day.  Kaylee was happy.
 Usually if Malcolm is sleeping in the super yard its because Kaylee was crazy and needed a nap in her own bed.  Look at that face!
 Beach trip with my friend Jackie (Not pictured! Sad!)  We love them.

 Ok this picture of Malcolm with his own frosty comes from us going somewhere but we had to leave early because Kaylee wasn't behaving so Malcolm and I got ice Cream and she got a nap.  I hate punishing Malcolm for her actions.  (Or vice versa if that happens)
 Kaylee goes, "Mom look at my hair!"  I burst out laughing!
 My mom's birthday cake.  Well really it was my moms, Andrea, and Anne Marie's birthday cake.
 For a present we surprised mom by planning a hiking trip to Tory Pines Nature Reserve.  Beautiful!!!
 This is the inside of the cake I made.  It is supossed to be tye die but you can't see it very well.  I needed more dye in my tie.  I guess..
 I watched these beautys while my sister Claudia was away on an anniversary trip with her hubby.  Love them.  Now 2 of those kittens have new homes.
 All the family together at once.  Love!  We went and saw the Giver which was fantastic.  Totally recommend it.
 My friend/Basically Sister Ann Marie gave this to my mom.  She loved it!
 Kaylee loved the glasses Grandma got for her birthday.
 When Claudia and Julio returned we used a Groupon to make a date to the Melting Pot.  Oh my, so much delicious food.  I didn't get a picture of us.  We were all stunning.  But got a picture of my and Kevin's plate.  I tried Duck for the first time.  And Lobster actually.

 Somehow the sticker from shopping ended up on her head.
 Another Sea World trip.  We LOVE that place.  I swear we also make Zoo trips.
 See the blue on Malcolm's face?  From his sunglasses.  It isn't that bad in this picture compared to the first time he turned around to look at me and I held back buckets of laughter!
 And....Funny faces!

 She fell asleep in the car and I forgot to turn the movie down.  The movie had a really loud part and she actually put her hands on her ears while still sleeping.
 We made a trip up to LA and I got some pictures of the good part.  Above and below is visiting La Brea Tar Pits.  SO cool.

 This was REALLY cute.  Great Grandma Burroughs doing Kaylee's nails, including toe nails.  She does this almost everyday at the Jewish nursing home where she lives.  So she actually does the whole soaking the hand and cuticle oil.  Unlike me who rarely used nail polish remover (I am not very fancy in my daily life)  I don't have time to sit and do my nails properly.  In fact I got desperate and grabbed a baby nail clipper and hacked my "hand nails" down because they were driving me crazy.

 Final product turned out pretty nice.  Below is a sweet picture of the kids getting along and playing on my ipad. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

July 2014

 So here is the rest of July.  I love the above picture.  It reminds me that she does have good days and loves me.  I love her so much.
 More Pool.  This pool lasted us 2 whole seasons!  I can't believe it!
 Swimming in the pool tires us out can you tell?  I love when Grandma gets cuddles.

 We also went to the zoo.  Kaylee's face HAHAHAHA  Love them both!
 Kevin and I went golfing for the very first time!!  Ok My first time he owns those clubs.  Which means he has gone many times before.  He rocked it and so did I for my first time!  I got a groupon and it came with a burger!

 Then.....I got sick.  Kaylee is giving me cuddles here.  This was the week I was sick with probably the flu.  Fever symptoms and a sor throat then coughing and sinus issues.  The cough lasted for weeks and I JUST got my voice back.  By voice, I mean my singing voice.  I have worked so hard to get a higher range and it was gone until about 2 weeks ago.  I noticed that it was back at church.  Thank goodness for Hymns!
 So the rest of the family had fun.  I sat out for these activities!  Above and below if fun at Claudia and Julio's pool!

 We went to grandma and grandpa's a lot that week so that they could play outside and not feel so closed in while I was sick. 
 Then it was a day that I was looking forward to.  The stake Pioneer Day party!  Yea I didn't get to go because I was STILL sick.  Kaylee didn't get to go because she was screaming at us and not listening, so it was a Father/Son date.  Malcolm had SO much fun!!

 His first pony ride which I was SO SO SO sad I missed!!  BUt very thankful he had fun and that Grandpa got to be with him.  SO cute!

 Malcolm is really into building things and stacking things lately.  These are car garages but he uses them like blocks.  I have to say this ISN'T easy.  I have tried.
 This is my beautiful cousin playing guitar at the beach.  I love her!  I am so grateful that she is in a better and happier place in her life and I get to enjoy her presence more!
So even though July was full of sickness (Kevin got sick soon after me!) it was a good month!