Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wipe out!

Here is my Dad Playing Drums!!

Utah Trip 2014 Part 2

This was SO fun.  We went the the Bean museam at BYU (which is free!!!) and then got yummy ice cream at the creamery!  Also look at Brit's cute belly!!  She is having a girl in November and I am SO excited for them!  Also I took the above picture to try and show how HUGE the elevator is!! I just noticed that Cami and Kaylee look like they are holding hands.  I wouldn't be surprised if they were but it could be how everything is aligned.  They are adorable.
I go to take a picture and they do exactly what we said not to do and hang on the ropes.  lol I'm surprised 3 years olds aren't banned from EVERYTHING.  But they had fun as did we.

So basically it was a bunch of taxidermy and statues.  It was REALLY cool.

Aunt Britany was awesome and she read to them facts about the animals. 

Mal missed the whole thing because he was sleeping.
One of Kaylee's favorite parts was the butterflies.  Cam liked the insects too.
One day they will both look at the camera.
Then everyone got sick.  Grandma didn't go with us to the museum because she was throwing up all night.  Then Mal threw up mid nap.  Good thing we gave him pink ice cream.....
Malcolm ONLY threw up once.  Then Kaylee threw up about 13 times.
Malcolm finishing his nap.
He turned over during his nap and he had this red mark on his face.  I couldn't help but think of tommy boy "Not here, Not here, but Riiight here." (Tommy has a similar red mark and was asking Richard if he had a mark and pointed out where it hurt.)
More playing outside and more tackles.
We went shopping and took 2 kids to lighten the load.  Look how cute they are together.  I swear that Benji had a better time than it looks.
Kaylee's first dental visit!!  Kevin had a dentist friend there so we got a friends and family rate and just got it done.  She was a perfect patient and NO CAVITIES!!!  Thank goodness!
Then we went to go see temple square.  Kaylee wanted to take pictures with things she thought were cool.

This is the first part of Independence Day.  I was watching a movie with everyone and realized I was the ONLY one awake.  Seriously life? 

He has the BEST sleeping faces.

We did more swimming and eating and then we did a pre fireworks show.
She posed like this for the picture all by herself.  Funny girl!!

They loved those little popper things you throw on the ground.  Good thing there were a bajillian of them!
Then we made strict rules and placements for the sparklers. 

They loved it and got really into seeing them light up.  We got some perfect ones that just lit up but didn't actually spark a lot so it didn't get on the kids hands.

Britany did step on a sparkler coal or something on the ground and so she spent the evening like this.  I don't blame her I would be dying!

She thought it was a little loud.
But she loved every minute!

Uncle Chuck and Malcolm

Cousins.  I love Cami in this picture.  Totally captured his silly personality.
Now for the real stuff. We put the 2 youngest to bed and brokw out the sparkly sparklers

Then we watched some pretty cool fireworks and more Guzmans (Brits Fam) came to play.
Charlie downing his root beer floats!
The next day Allen woke Kevin up so we could go out for breakfast!
The kids were crazy since we let them stay up.  They still woke up at the break of dawn.  Erg.

But we still got some great pictures like this!

And this

And these!!!

We also got to go see one of my very best friends Monique.  We grew up together and I am so glad she is still in my life.  Meanwhile in San Diego out moms were hanging out at a baptism for 2 of Monique's nephews.  I sent this to Moniques and said "Look! It's us in 25 years!"  The Bresee family make me super happy!!

So this picture here was from the 4th but it didn't uplaod next to the other picture.  Look at his hair!!! :-)
We left Sunday the 6th of July and we did it all in one shot except the few hours we stopped in Vegas to make sure our car was ok.  It was good enough to make home but later found out there was a crack somewhere but was covered by warranty...yaddy yaddy ya. It's fixed now which is all I care about.  For Free (even better)

We got gas at a Sinclair station which mean traditional dino picture.
BTW we love those trays that we attached to the car seats.  Made the trip a ton easier and will grow with them. (We can use it with a booster seat and your can even just attach it to them)