Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Sun

So as a California girl, born and raised in a place where snow is in foreign lands and cold is 50-60 degrees, I am always happy when I can finally bust out my flip flops and sunscreen and do stuff outside.  Whether that is a walk or a picnic in the park.  I have recently made it a goal of mine that if it is sunny outside or not raining, I must go on at least one walk and enjoy the nature outside.  Kaylee likes it too.  She is a fan of wind.  Recently, we went to a picnic in the park with some of our friends from the ward and enjoyed some sandwiches (with homemade whole wheat bread that I made!) and some great company.  It was fun to see that kids play and talk with our friends.  Here are some pictures of our outside adventures lately (with more to come).

 We had Kaylee in her car seat/stroller combo, that we got from my Grandma Melba.  It works great and I LOVE using it.  She had a lot of fun sitting in it and playing with toys.  It was very windy and she enjoyed opening her arms to let the wind blow right on her face.  Big smiles from this girl!

 Kaylee loves her friend Claire Jones!  They are 2 months apart and both super cute!  I love how babies are fascinated with each other! 
I love this picture!  We got this outfit for Kaylee since we are going to San Diego soon, we thought it would be fun to get her a nice summer outfit.  The hat fits JUST right so I don't know how long that will last (with her 75% head!)  But the outfit will last a while.  I love it.  It is very picnicy.  If that is a word.

 This is after a walk we went on around our apartment buildings.  I usually have Kaylee on me, but Kevin hadn't done it yet so we tried it out and it was very fun.  Kaylee has a fun time with daddy and I actually got to see her during a walk.
This one is not outside, but how cute is this picture!  Our friends the Jones gave us a two week pass to the YMCA out here and we have tried to go as often as we can in that time period.  We love to swim and we think Kaylee enjoys it too!  We love her suit.  I call it her California surfer girl suit!  Yea I don't even surf.  But I think that is what it looks like and anything California makes me happy.  I am so blesses to have my beautiful little family.  I have the best husband who is a wonderful father to our best daughter ever! Oh guess how I make her smile for pictures now?  Raspberries, the tongue thing that sounds like a fart.......

Yea on that note, LOVE  you all! ~The Sprouls

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Swimmer Girl!

Last Monday we had an exciting FHE at the pool with our friends the Jones!  They have a little girl that is 2 months younger than Kaylee named Claire.  So we brought our babies and went for a swim at the Y for Kaylee's first time in the water!  We got her a little floaty and a little swim suit and I think she looks adorable!  She was so funny trying to "get" Claire and she was so excited to see her friend!  Thank you Amy and Nick for this wonderful experience!


Side note, because I am so proud of her, I introduced the sippy cup at 5 months in hope that she could get use to it and make weaning easier.  It took like 4 days to get to this...

Yea she is drinking from it.  Of course this one has a soft tip.  So we will see how she does with a hard tip later on.  I will take this.  VERY proud because I know it does not happen with a lot of babies. Oh and I am not weaning her now by the way.  I just give her a little breast milk to learn the skill and eventually it will have water in it when she is allowed.  Still a good eater and sleeper.  Such a happy baby.  We are SO lucky!

Monday, March 14, 2011

We've got ourselves a 5 month old

I can't believe that 5 months ago I had a newborn and was struggling with the recovery of a c-section.  But it has been so wonderful having Kaylee girl in our lives and has made our family so much happier and closer than ever!  She has been able to roll over since she turned 4 months but the last week she discovered she can use this talent to get what she needs whether that is to roll over to a toy, or roll over to mom or dad, or roll into the coffee table over, and over, and over until mom and dad move her.  She REALLY wants to be able to sit up.  I see the desire there, and she is desprately working on those ab muscles.  So I help her out sometimes by sitting her up and helping her work on her balance.  Sometimes she will be sitting up all by herself and then relize she is doing it and topple over.  I catch her of course...most of the time.  She is feeling all better now other than the boogers.  But no fever, and still as happy as ever.

Some things Kaylee likes to do are take a bath, spit up when mommy doesn't have a burp cloth near by, play in her play gym, look in envy at the remote control and our phones, talk (in baby talk) as loud as she can and as soft as she can, eat rice cereal, cuddling, and laughing at daddy.  She is also a fan of diaper changes.  She always has been.  She is happiest when naked.  Here is a video of her rolling over.  It took me 2 minutes to get her to do it so if you want to skip to the last part go for it.  She is so cute!

And here is one of her laughing.  I had to hide the camera from her so the video isn't great but the laugh is GREAT!  Plus there are some shots of her cute little face!

It will make you smile for SURE!  It is way cute.  Not long either.

Also, in less than a month Kevin and I will be walking in the MS walk.  If any of you are in Louisville and want to walk, it is free.  I have already raised some money and I am going to put in a little bit myself as well.  But you don't have to pay to walk.  I would LOVE the company.  It is short walk and I am going to bring Kaylee and her stroller.  If you don't live in Louisville and would like to date please do so!  I would really appreciate it.  As some of you know my mom has had MS at least since 2004 when she found out.  If you want to find out more, join my team or donate please visit HERE

Such a great life we have.  We are so blessed to have the family and friends we have. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sniffles and Sneezes

What a weekend it has been.  Last week about Thursday Kevin started feeling a little under the weather.  On Friday he worked mostly from home and I started hearing a few sniffles from Kaylee.  By Saturday morning all 3 of us were sick.  Kevin has stuffy nose, a throat thing, and just felt blah!  I had a slight throat thing but I guess I was having drainage because nausea was hitting me pretty hard (no grossness from me though).  I probably felt the best out of all of us.  Kaylee had a stuffy nose and a fever.  Her fever we were able to get down from 100.6 to 99.0 with Tylenol.  99 was today and 100.6 was Saturday.  We had to use saline solution and the "bulby" to get the snot out.  Not much came out.  But we tried.  Last night she scared me a bit because there was blood in her spit up!  We called the nurse service that answers questions after hours and on weekends and they told us that if she does it again to call again and we would probably be bringing her in.  They also told us to bring in the rag to the doctors office so they can test it.

Well after a night where I slept in her room and she woke up once really upset (not like her by the way she sleeps through the night every healthy night), Kevin talked to out pediatrician office about the event and they wanted to see her.  So we brought her in and found out the following.

-She is surprisingly happy while being sick.

- She will be OK.  Because we had to use the "bulby" some of her sensitive capillaries were irritated and some may had burst causing her to suck down that mucus and blood into her stomach.  That is why it was in her spit up.

-Our once 4 month old weighing at 13 lbs 2 oz is now our almost 5 month old who weighs 14 lbs 11oz.  What?!

-We just need to put some Vaseline in her nostrils and help her little stuffy nose to be unstuffed.  We got some tips from the doc.

-Oh also, she is so cute the doctor wanted to take her home with her!!  Ha ha 

We love our Doctor's Office!

We are lucky that even though all of us have been sick (and I haven't been sick in a LONG time) that Kaylee has been so happy and has had few moments where she really realized how sick she felt.  Thank you Juice Plus for keeping us healthy for so long and for this speedy recovery!

You can find out more about Juice plus HERE!