Monday, March 12, 2012

3D Malcolm

So last Friday Kevin and I got to something really cool that I have always wanted to do.  We went and got a 3D ultrasound done.  It is an elective ultrasound to get a sneak peak at our little man.  I thought that 4D meant that you got moving picture/video too, apparently that wasn't what it was.  They call it 3D/4D so I guess I still have stuff to learn.  They don't allow video cameras in there which is a shame because I wish my parents could see it.  However, he wasn't much in the moving mood so you really didn't miss much.  What I got is basically what I saw.  I won't post ALL the pictures I got on CD, but I will post some of my favorites.

 Ok these first 2 are 2D images.  The above one is a profile pic and below is the leg.  We couldn't get a good 3D of the leg.

 The one above I posted to show you what we were getting at the beginning.  We almost called it after 10 minutes because he wouldn't stop cuddling up to the placenta and the cord was in his face.  But the pictures started improving and I didn't want to leave disappointed so we stayed.  I am glad we did.
 This picture you can see his little fingers.  He was alternating having his hand and his foot in his face and sometimes his hand was playing with his foot.  There aren't many toys in there....

 He started to rub his eye which was really cute because Kaylee does that when she is sleepy.  I love his little nose and mouth. 

This makes me really excited to see the real deal in less than 2 months!  I will be 32 weeks tomorrow so 8 weeks until my due date.  I hope that he will come sooner than that.  I am trying to avoid a repeat c-section if I can.  It will be way more difficult to take care of Kaylee with a gash in my belly.  I've been doing hypnobirthing like my sister in law Britany and I really wish I had done it with Kaylee.  Even if I have to have a repeat c-section, the knowledge and skills I got from that book will help me in life forever.  I can already tell he is just as cute as Kaylee.  I can't wait to meet him and introduce him to the world!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Star Wars Valentines

I wrote about what I did for valentine's but I forgot to mention the awesome things my husband did for me!  He bought me a beautiful card and then he also picked up a Lego Star Wars valentines which included valentines, a poster, and stickers.  One of Kevin and my favorite type of game to play together is the Lego Video games.  We have a TON of them.  We have Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter (of course), and Pirates of the Caribbean (we haven't played that one yet still working on Harry Potter).  So I thought this was pretty cool.  On the valentines he wrote a fun pun on each one and hid them around the house for me to find.  Here are some of them.  He is quite creative!!

You are the Death Star to my Empire
I love you and the way you...Luke
You stormed my heart, you real trooper
You are one...Hoth Tamale!
You don't have to go to Dagobah to find me, I'll always be right here
Please don't cut me open, I'm not a Ton-Ton
You are the Darth in-vador of my heart (This was one of my favorites)
The force is strong with youm you are my one valentine!
I'm glad you are not Jar Jar Binks (Another Favorite)
I won' to do anything, but I want you to be my valentine.
No more flying Han-Solo for me, I've got my co-pilot
You don't wear your hair in buns, but you will always be my princess!
You won't have to force choke me to say, "I love you" I do it gladly :-)
Yoda one who is going to be my valentine
You're the light...saber of my life

I like the little pauses he put in some of them like, "wait for it....there it is!"  lol  Oh he also wrote one from Kaylee to Mom on the teacher valentine, "From: Kaylee Thanks for teaching me everything I know =-) -Love you Mommy"  So cute!!

He wrote on the poster, "We make a great team, be my Valentine!"  So yes my husband is awesome and I am so grateful to have a wonderful Valentine!  Plus he is funny :-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pregnancy So far

So with Kaylee I updated about just about each appointment belly photos included with all my symptoms and observations.  I realized that this time I don't think I have talked about it so much on my blog.  So I thought I would catch you all up.  Here are some belly pictures,,,

 16 weeks
 23 weeks
 28 1/2 weeks -my favorite picture so far because the train in the background!  You can't plan that!!  Haha
30 1/2 weeks

I am currently 31 weeks.  The last picture was taken last Sunday.  I have been feeling fantastic!  I have energy, I though the sickness was coming back for good but it was back for only like a month and now I am totally fine.  I still have Zofran just in case!  I have been doing REALLY well with my weight.  All together I have lost 13 pounds and gained 7 of them back.  So I am 6 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.  That is totally cool with me.  My doctor isn't worried and neither am I.  I am now going to the doctor every two weeks until I reach 36 weeks and then it will be every week until this little man arrives!!!  Time has gone fast and I mean FAST!! I have so much to do to get our house ready for a 4th member.  We live in a 2 bedroom so it is going to be tricky but doable.  This little man is doing great every appointment has gone perfectly.  He scares me because he doesn't move NEARLY as much as Kaylee.  Kick counts have to be accompanied by poking and usually a candy cane.  But he always passes them.  In fact this last week he has decided to go ahead and move around a bit more.  He is very polite about it.  He stretches out but very gently as to not hurt me.  He is not interested in kicking or squeezing my bladder.  I rarely get up in the middle of the night to use the rest room.  My ribs are untouched or lightly enough where I feel no pain.  I'm SO lucky and I don't take it for granted.  Every baby is a miracle and to have an easy pregnancy on top of that is a huge blessing because I have heard the worst of the worst!  I don't take my good pregnancy for granted.  I wish I could give other people my luck.  I have a few names in mind.  

Well that is that.  I am excited for things to come even though it is slightly scary to think of being a mom to 2.  Love you all!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Yea I pretty much ROCK OUT valentine's day.  I've made it a tradition every year, since we hate going to crowded restaurants with long waits, to make a surprise awesome meal for Kevin every year!  This year I got every part of it from Pinterest a new found love of mine.  So here is our day:

 These are my homemade Valentine's day decorations.  Each of the small hearts has one reason I love Kevin on them.  Because I'm sappy like that!  This is after Kaylee has taken 2 off to add to her outfit for the day!
 I also made him a card.  I don't know why but he loves my homemade cards.  So I made one for him.
 Dinner is SERVED!  This is the whole spread.  We got Lasagna Soup, Happy Bread, and Love Potion Drink!!  The Love Potion is 2 cups Raspberry Sherbet and 2 cups pink lemonade blended together you put them into glasses and then pour sprite over it all.  SO GOOD!
 Here is the Happy Bread!  So yummy.  I had to make bread because Kevin is a bread person.  He loves his carbs.  The only tricky thing with this is I had to convert grams to cups and stuff.  I found a good online calculator to help me with this one.  The recipe is HERE
 This lasagna soup was AMAZING!  The blogger was totally right, I didn't mind eating this as leftovers night after night either!  One thing I did differently is I couldn't find the noodles she called for so I just broke up lasagna noodles.  Worked pretty good.  Also I took the fire roasted diced tomatoes and pureed them before I added them to the soup.  This is because neither Kevin or I like cooked tomato that much.  We just love the taste of tomato.  Can I tell you it was AWESOME!  The recipe is HERE
 Kevin excited to indulge!
 Kaylee excited to try what she can.  I think I actually gave her regular noodles.  She can't really eat soup by herself. 
Oh!  I didn't forget dessert!  These are homemade BAKED donuts!  That is right!  They were SO good!  I didn't have a donut cutter so I used this circle pie press thing for mini pies and sandwiches for the outside and I had this mini heart cookie cutter I used for the donut hole.  Which I also baked and glazed.  I loved this recipe but I think it would be better if the donut holes themselves were smaller.  The dough is not that sweet it is the glaze that really sweetens it up.  Overall healthier than buying fried bakery donuts and it is SO YUMMY!! Recipe is HERE

It was a good day and everything was a success!!  I'm so thankful to my mom who taught me how to cook.  She is truly amazing and we all (especially Kevin) thank her for my skills!

Cake for Grandpa's Birthday!

So my grandpa's birthday was on February 12th.  He was born on Lincoln's birthday.  That is why his middle name is Lincoln.  This was obviously the first birthday of his without him there.  I had to do something to honor his birthday.  So I made a chocolate cake and Kevin whipped up some cream cheese frosting to go on top.  (He is the frosting man unless I make butter-cream which is also delish).  Anyway, I couldn't sing happy birthday because I started tearing up just thinking about it.  Grandpa used to sing, "and many more..." at the end.  It was like his thing.  Lately since I have lived in KY I haven't been able to be to many birthday celebrations, but now that grandpa is gone, it seems like I just always imagined him singing it at the end of the happy birthdays over here so it makes me sad that we won't hear that anymore.  But the cake was delicious and it made me feel good to celebrate him. 

Oh I don't think I put this in my last post about him but I will put it in now.  This is my second Grandpa that has passed away for me.  My grandpa kitty passed away before I was 2 years old.  Obviously I was too young to really remember it.  But loosing my grandpa Earl has made me think a lot of my grandpa Kitty (his real name was Arthur).  What is kind of cool is that my grandpa's are buried really close together.  I didn't count it exactly but my grandpa Earl is one row up and about 12 over from grandpa kitty's spot. So I can visit both grandpa's at the same time!  I was happy I got to visit Grandpa Kitty while I was there and have Kaylee with me.  I kind of introduced Kaylee to him even though I know he has been looking down on us the whole time.  I can't wait until we meet again and I am glad that families are forever.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

San Diego Jan/Feb 2012

So I thought I would give you a quick overview of our trip to San Diego.  Of course you know the main reason why we went, but I got to stay for 2 weeks.  So I got to do many awesome things while there!  Many just simple and fun.

While Charlie and his girlfriend at the time (you'll see) Andrea were there for grandpa's funeral, we wanted to show Andrea a little of San Diego.  Being that it was January and couldn't do a full out BBQ at the beach or anything, we took her to Sea Port Village which was awesome for many reasons.  One...
Kaylee got to see some ducks and Grandma loved watching Kaylee's excitement as see saw the ducks and pointed at the and said "Duck! Duck!"  Two...
THE HAMMOCK STORE!!  Ok, seriously, this is my future hammock!!  It can hold a butt load of weight so it can fit many butts on it.  Plus it is comfy and awesome and well mine when we get a house with a yard....someday!
THREE!  I wish I had SOME sort of picture of them there but I will steal one later.  Charlie snuck off with Andrea and they got engaged!  So now she is his fiance!!
Kaylee also discovered her love for animals (even more).  She got a lot of Kitty and Doggy time while there.  Above is suspicious George ready to get a Kaylee love pat.  Surprisingly our lessons in being gentle and soft is working and she was very good with the kitties.
Callie was a much better sport than George.  She let Kaylee pet her the most. 
We got to spend A LOT of quality time with my sister, Kaylee's Aunt Claudia!  Kaylee thought she had found a necklace....
One day Claudia, Kaylee and I went to the beach to take some pictures and look at the view.  We also got to meet Claudia's boss at a massage place she massages at close to there!
Claudia is a natural!  Oh and see those weird guys behind her?  They were randomly doing hand stands and other gymnastic moves so we moved away only to discover 5 min or so later that they had followed us and continued with their moves!  Obviously trying to impress my beautiful sister!  How hilariously odd!
Above is Kaylee and her grandma!  My mom loved having us there to come home to and I liked being there and hanging out with her. 

 Kaylee and Dixie my sister's dog.  She loved this dog and Dixie was really good about the whole thing.  Kaylee got really good at barking just like Dixie but to this day if you ask her what the doggy says, she will give you a plain, "Woof!" 
 Kaylee busted out the girly girl in her and learned the word "Purse" while in San Diego pulling around her Aunt Claudia's sparkly black purse around. 
 Grandma also had fun giving Kaylee some stickers and Kaylee then became obsessed!  We told Kevin that she had a face rash and he was a little worried until he realized that the picture I sent him of her face was just covered in stickers.  LOL
 Kaylee and Aunt Claudia LOVE!
 Grandma and grandpa both got turns putting her to bed at night which was a huge help to me.  I like to think that they loved doing it.  I don't think I'm wrong.  Look at the love!  I have to say too that they are quite the pros at putting this little girl to bed!!
 Aunt Claudia loved to help me with bath time!!  YAY! Making awesome hair dos is quite fun when it involved bubbly soap keeping it in place!
 Finally the last night my sister got together with my friend Anne Marie, her mom Kathy and my mom to throw me a WONDERFUL last minute baby shower!  We got to celebrate my little boy coming soon and have fun, food, and presents!  I'm so blessed to have wonderful family and friends in my life to help out!