Saturday, December 7, 2013

November/ Thanksgiving 2013

 I wanted to document this all together.  Above is a picture Kaylee drew of me.  Isn't it good?  She's 3, I was impressed!
 Malcolm insisted that on the way to Thanksgiving dinner that he must have my arms like this.  He was very happy I sat next to him in the car. 
 Have I mentioned I LOVE Haley and Kaylee's relationship?  It is SO cute!  Hayley is my cousin Laura's daughter and she is a mini Laura.  I love it!
 This is Laura's daughter Alanna (I totally didn't spell that right I can say it right now but spelling it I really don't know!  Sorry Laura!!)
 Malcolm loves to join in on artistic fun.  Look at that face looking all grown up.
 I took a quick picture of a lot of the crowd hanging out.  Kevin is holding Laura's youngest son Adam!  He is 6 months old and was born early.  He looks so big now!  He is SO cute and looks just like his daddy. 
 My cousin Andrea got a new kitten and it is so sweet and even loves kids.  This is Claudia with the kitten.
Malcolm thanking me for his shenanigans that night.  He was a tough man to please and ate practically nothing of this delicious meal!!  Then he cut a bottom canine.  Explained.
 This is Kaylee enjoying a lollypop after lunch one day.  I love her face.  So cute!
Look at this Malcolm face!  He loves to get his picture taken!!

Kaylee's Birthday- Someone is 3!

I can't believe that Kaylee is 3.  Can you believe it?  Well she is.  She is 3.  To celebrate I invited a few people over including some of her friends from church to come over for dinner and cupcakes.  We had a pinata which was the extent of games I'm comfortable providing.  I get nervous about putting together games and then later trying to get young ones to do such game.  Anyway games are Kevin's job now.  Haha  they really liked the pinata and the adults even got to participate.  Anyway, I will comment on some of the pictures below.

I printed out a few pictures of Kaylee through each year of her life and taped it to the ceiling.  Oh and I am totally that cheesy print it and post it party decorator at times.  Especially kid parties.
Together Kevin and I put up those pink balloons.  Balloons also freak me out with little ones.  But they are so fun at parties!
Above is Kaylee's turn at the pinata.  We put a crown on this donkey (It was a princess party) pinata we forget to get out at Malcolm's cinco de Mayo party hahahaha!
Grandma's turn!!
Kaylee loved all of her presents!  She got 3 disney princess dolls and she loves them all pretty equally.  She put all 3 of them in her doll stroller and rolled it all over the house. 

Above picture is taken on her actually Birthday.  That day she had a doctors appointment where she didn't get a shot but she did get the flu mist up her nose.  She gained weight but not height since we were there last.  So we got another one of those talks.  But she does that right before she shoots up in height.  So I am expecting that soon.  Anyway, then we went to lunch with Aunt Claudia.  We went to a taco shop because Kaylee said she wanted tortillas for lunch.  Then we went home, she had a nap and then I made her favorite Mac and Cheese for dinner.  After dinner I brought her to visit Grandma at Laurie's house and Great Aunt Ruth was there with a present. 

Abover is Laurie, Ruth, Kaylee and a cat.  Kaylee was so excited to see everyone, play with some games and her new doll before we brought her home.

Happy Birthday my Kaylee girl.  You have grown so much and you are so smart.  You can count to 20, you can say countless word and you make sentences that blow my mind.  You are so caring and loving.  You also have a very strong personality and you know what you want.  You love to be girly and you love to make people smile.  Thank you for making me a mommy!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

October 2013

I will make one seperate post documenting Kaylee's Birthday.  But I wanted to get the gist of October in one post.  Here it goes!
 Here is a good before pic before (as seen a few picture below) Kevin cut Malcolm's hair.  He is just so cute.
 I made this.  It was amazing.  It was pesto chicken and pasta in this creamy tomato sauce (that also has pesto in it)  Seriously, I impressed myself.  Being able to cook well has made my life so much better, and others of course.  I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this dish was good. 
 The Love.  Seriously.  This happens on occasion.  He loves me dearly and I love that about him.  Most of the time.  Sometimes I feel bad because I have to do something else and he misses me so much.  But I miss him too so it works out.
 Here it is.  See we were going for a mohawk.  So I made him a little ponytail and Kevin cut around it.  He did REALLY good.  Unlike when I brought him to a salon.  This was free too.  Kevin might just be out new hair guy.

 This was the best after shot I got.  He was squirmy.  The hair in the middle was too long to spike.  So we later cut it a bit shorter, well a little too short to tell it was a mohawk.  But it's ok.  This dude looks cute in every hair style.
 Kaylee and I being awesome.  Look at that smile!  I love when she is happy!!
 My kids love apples.  They adore bananas but they love apples too.  Look at this man chomping down!!
They seriously kill me with cuteness everyday.  Kaylee is wearing my Grandma Genie's old sweater because she was chilly and I think she is enjoying her potty treat of ipad time.  :-)  Malcolm got to join in the fun.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

September 2013

 Going month to month again to catch up!  But here is September.  Above is a date night with Kevin and I.  We are awesome.
 This never happens.  Kaylee fell asleep in my arms.  Look at those locks!
 We put on capes and had a dance party one day.  It was awesome.
 I don't remember why he was cuddled up in my arms.  This happens often.  He is just so cute and cuddly!
 This was a good part of a bad day at the park.  After this they started getting bullied by a brother sister duo from hades and the mom did little to nothing so we left.  But this is a good moment.
 I love how he is using this frog as a seat.  I mean it does feel like a bean bag chair.  Why not?
 Does this get any cuter?  They are holding HANDS!!!!!

 Kaylee thinks this character from Sae World is her.  Natuarally I had to get a picture of the two Kaylees together.
 Above is a picture showing we got to go to Sea World with Claudia.  It was SUCH a fun day.  I loved it.  I'm so grateful I live in the same city as this girl and that she is so involved with my kids.  Such a wonderful sister and aunt!
 We also got to go to Sea World as a whole family (this never happens) one day and it was amazing and crowded.  We went on the first weekend of trick or treating.
 Again with the cute.  I'm sorry my kids really are the cutest in the world.  This picture was not posed.  It just happened and I grabbed my camera!
 And THIS is why my kids are amazing.  I teach them young how to show their gratitude for their mama.  Haha they loved it.
 Jamba Juice.  Yum.
 We also made it in the pool one last time before the sun stops heating up our water.