Wednesday, August 10, 2016

March 2016

 Sorry I am SO behind!!  Here is some fun pictures from March!
 The Hat Parade at Kaylee's school!  It was for Dr Seuss's birthday.  Each class had a book as their theme.  

 Kevin got to come which is rare!

 We got this THANK YOU from the Youth in our ward for the Road show we put on.  

 Time with my buddy is always the best!

 Tumbling with Mal!
 Mal made his own lunch!

 Aunt Nedra came over to visit while she was in town helping her best friend.
 Kaylee drew this giraffe which is so amazing!
 Kaylee learned to play hang man from somewhere!
 I love her violin lessons
 This bath cutie

 He looks SO cute in this hat!
 Also why is she so grown up!

 Maria's 30th birthday doing kareoke!

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